Interpol – Abducted and missing children

Source: Interpol
INTERPOL maintains a database of missing and abducted children on behalf of the member countries.
The only children appearing on this website are those which the respective law enforcement authorities request INTERPOL to circulate on an international basis.Therefore, out of the important number of children who go missing, only a few hundred appear here.
There can be nothing more distressing for a parent than to not know their child has gone missing. It is INTERPOL’s belief, that all actors of the civil society must join forces to ensure that children do not go missing and, if so, that all efforts are put into finding them.

This is why INTERPOL decided to request the public at large to help law enforcement forces in trying to find those internationally reported missing children and dedicated part of our website to the most crucial cases.
See info about recent events here: Interpol

Published by: ABP World Group International Child Recovery Service

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