There are no safe havens for parental child abductors

March 14 2013

To abduct a child, and remove him from his loving family and home is an egoistic and criminal act.  You can be sure that when your ex spouse hires ABP World Group, we will find you wherever you might be hiding. No matter where you go, or where you hide -we have the knowledge and capacity to track you down and recover the abducted child.

-ABP World Group is one of the world’s leading child and adult abduction recovery experts, and has participated remarkably in over 200 child-parent reunifications alone.

-ABP World Group has been assisting left behind parents, and recovering abducted children for more than 12 years.


“After all my years of experience as Worldwide Medical Director for the worlds largest medical assistance company, I found only ABP World capable of providing the unique service of non-violent recovery of  an abducted child. It is very difficult to find a company like ABP World that can provide the experience, honesty, integrity, and assets to actually recover an abducted child safely and at a reasonable cost. I hold ABP World in highest regard and recommend them whole heartedly. The world is simply a better place because of the work they do”. 

Tragically International Child Abduction has reached global epidemic proportions.  According to leading experts the increase in inter-racial marriages and relationships  will, in the future, lead to a significant rise in the number of children born to parents of different nationalities

As is true for all relationships, a statistically significant number of these marriages or partnerships will also end in divorce. All too often, following the breakup of a marriage, one of the parents will abduct a child of that relationship against the wishes of the other parent,  frequently removing them to a country where the child has probably never lived. This is called “International Parental Child Abduction”.  Although there are various civil remedies available to parents of abducted children, the challenges they face are enormous, including first and foremost, locating  the child.

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Unfortunately for the majority of targeted parents, the financial burden involved in recovery and litigation falls upon their shoulders. With tens of thousands of children abducted by parents each year, the reality is that too many of these children never come home.  ABP World Group is dedicated to assisting those parents who need help in locating, rescuing, and returning  their abducted child home safely.

Our intelligence and investigative capabilities combined with our ability to dispatch personnel to most locations in the world offer a safe and strategic solution to protecting what is most important to you, your child.

Unfortunately in this present climate parental kidnapping occurs all too frequently and we are here to help you through this extremely traumatic period.

We are aware that parental child abduction can be difficult to resolve, but through the use of professional operatives with the skills and expertise necessary to find a resolution. We are here to help you.

ABP World Group’s successful recovery and re-unification strategies rely on the use of all the means available  including, but not limited to:

. Electronic Forensic Foot printing Investigations

. Intelligence Gathering

. Information Specialists/Skip Tracing

. Evidence Procurement

. Interview/Evaluation

. Surveillance Special Ops

. Non-Combatant Evacuation Ops

. Domestic Support

. International Operations

. Maritime/Land/Air transport

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4 thoughts on “There are no safe havens for parental child abductors

  1. I am not going to say “thank God for people like you” because I do not believe in him, I will however say I believe in humanity and your group represents the defenition of good human beings. I was just reading an article about an abducton in Sweden where you were mentioned. Reading the article gave me a good impression of the professionalism of the group, your policy and strategies. It is not everday (for me anyway) one comes across articles like this or find out about these types of human beings that do make a positive difference in peoples lives.
    But I think you already know you have reached a positive image… (if it ever was a goal).
    I just wanted to show appreciation for people like those who work for your group. You rekindle my faith in humanity. I thank all of you for that.


  2. We received this today and I just had to post it. It is so heartwarming to receive positive feedback like this as not everyone appreciates the services we provide. Thank you Camila.

    Kind regards
    Martin Waage
    ABP World Group Ltd.

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