International Parental Child Abduction: The Hague convention – Proved Useless

Only 3-5% of children abducted Internationally are returned by the Hague Convention.

All over the world the parents left behind spend all their financial resources and time fighting and hoping for justice. They are also misled by the promises and beliefs that the international conventions will help them recover their children. – The parents spend weeks, months and years – hoping that justice will prevail. Only 3 out of 10 children are ever returned from hague and non hague countries.

The Hague Convention is too full of traps and loopholes to be effective. Even if a parent wins a Hague battle, there are no guarantees that the child will be returned. Many countries protect their own – no matter what.

How to recover your child:

-Find a experienced lawyer, with knowledge about IPCA

-Report the abduction to the Police, and make sure that the police informs Interpol.

-Gain main custody in your home country

-Try to have a “grown up” dialogue with your ex spouse. This can sometimes lead to a peaceful solution.

-If this is not enough –  Send someone to recover your child as soon as possible, as days and weeks easily turn into years.

-After a while you can risk that your child don`t even speak your language anymore.

Read: When the Hague Convention won`t help

And: The Hague Convention is not enough to recover your child


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9 thoughts on “International Parental Child Abduction: The Hague convention – Proved Useless

  1. 3 out of 10 is 30%, not 3%

    “Only 3-5% of children abducted Internationally are returned by the Hague Convention.

    This is why only 3 out of 10 children are ever returned.”

  2. The Hague Convention has been failing for many years, nothing new. Children suffer, very difficult to complain, very costly international law. Takes too long.

    How many times have I written but these are children, taken in most cases by parents who say they love them. Child abduction is a crime, both in the moral sense and in justice.

    Kind regards,
    Helen Dudden

    • I took my children back to the UK to protect my children from their abuser in a country where the law favours the men. A country where children are being given to the state because these families cannot afford to feed them. This FATHER starved his children to name but one yet neither country will protect them!

      The Hague has let my children down by returning us to the same island in a house full of damp and mould within a 450m radios of the perpetrator to continue his rain of terror on us.

      So I broke the law, a law that doesn’t protect children in any event and in any country. My job as a mother is to protect my children at any cost, so if I have to “abduct” them to protect them, then so be it.

      There are reasons why we do what we do, so do not judge us for protecting our children!

      • To remove your children without the law behind will not help. Unless, we have a system where both parents agree on the care of their children then we problems. Nothing, is ever the same on the subject of children, after a relationship breakdown. Mediation is one thing that works well, of course you want to care and love your children, but to take them, and then have only returned, will upset them, and you very much. I know nothing about your case and I should not, I would suggest you look to every option, and if you live in the UK write to your MP, contact Reunite, a charity called CFAB does quite a bit for children.

        Again, I can’t comment further, but we all have to think further than the problems of today, for the future it has to be shared parenting, where the law permits it.

  3. The Hague Convention is false hope for Left behind parents. The only winners are the abductors and lawyers. The looser are children and left behind parents.

    • I have been commenting to the Hague Convention itself. We must use Mediation more, court action promotes further time involvement, and this in turn more cost and frustration. I don’t know which country you refer too, but, unless we make it clear the the situation is not good and working, things do not change. I know in the past there has been the suggestion of a Task Force, similar to SOLVIT, these legal problems are very demanding on time, and emotional costs. Often a lawyer is all you have, to help with the problems.

  4. I believe the people doing this need to do more research on their cases. My child’s father is on S.S.I. I will provide a stable home while he can not. I was more than willing to return her for the summer. But now he has kept her and I have to get her back and pay child support for the time she was there with him even though I am the one with sole custody. Just because you are the parent in the US does not mean you are the better parent sorry.

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