Parental Abduction: Family of Sevenoaks schoolgirls missing in Thailand make plea for information

August 12 , 2014


SEVENOAKS: — THE grandparents of two sisters who went missing and are believed to have been abducted while they were in Thailand 72 days ago are pleading for Sevenoaks holidaymakers to keep their eyes peeled for the girls.


Aleena and Ananya Day, aged 6 and 11, arrived with their father in Pattaya on May 25 and spent several days visiting their 33-year-old mother, Onwarat Gamlem formerly known as both Wiganda Day and Onwarat Suphikunphong.

missing seven oaks girlsThe alarm was raised when Mrs Gamlem failed to take the two girls to the airport on June 1 so that they could fly home with their father and there has been no sign of them since.


An arrest warrant has been issued for Mrs Gamlem on suspicion of abducting her daughters.

Grandmother Betty Day, who lives with her husband, son and granddaughters in Chipstead, told the Chronicle: Its been nine weeks and we still havent heard anything.

My son, Robert, is still in Thailand searching for them.

He has made so many enquiries hes doing everything he can think of. Its really very hard.

His funds have run out so were helping to support him. He wont come home until hes got them back.

Both children were born in Thailand but have been raised in Sevenoaks since their parents divorced in 2010.

Mr Day was awarded full custody of his daughters and they visit their mother once a year.

In new steps to try to trace them, billboards displaying photographs of Ananya known as Annie and Aleena, as well as wanted posters for their mother, have been attached to vehicles now being driven around paraded across the resort of Pattaya with a loudspeaker.

Airlines serving Thai airports have also been alerted to prevent attempts to flee the country.

The police think that Onwarats new husbands visa will soon run out hes from Norway, Mrs Day said.

Nobody knows where he is either but there could be warrants for his arrest soon too when his visa runs out.

She added: Both girls missed the end of the school term. Annie is starting at Trinity School in September. Theyve assured us her place is secure. We can only hope that shell be back by then.

If anyone has family or friends there or theyre going on holiday to Thailand, please keep raising awareness.

We all want the girls back home.

In an online plea for information, the girls father said: They have missed so much birthdays, end of year outings, the end of primary school party and induction day at senior school.

Someone out there must know something that will help the police with their inquiries.

Everyone is working so hard to find them but to date there has been no breakthrough.

My girls are my world and I miss them both very much.

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Mother wanted for abducting own British-Thai children believed to be in Phuket

August 9 , 2014

Source: phuketgazette

PHUKET: The mother wanted for abducting her two British-Thai daughters from their natural father in Pattaya is believed to be heading to Phuket.

On Tuesday, Pattaya Police were issued an arrest warrant for 36-year-old Onwarat Gamlem, who is the non-custodial mother of the children. The warrant orders police officers around the country to arrest Ms Onwarat on charges of child abduction.

Ms Onwarat, also known by her nicknames “Nok Lek” and “On”, is to be handed over to the Pattaya City Police once arrested.

The children’s father, Robert Day, believes Ms Onwarat may have brought the children to Phuket, Mr Day’s sister, Charlotte Dillow, told the Phuket Gazette. Ms Onwarat once lived in Phuket.

“She met her current husband there, too,” Ms Dillow said.

Ms Onwarat and Mr Day are divorced. A Thai court four years ago gave full custody of the girls, Annie and Aleena, to Mr Day, with no access to Ms Onwarat, reported (story here), which broke the story.

Ms Onwarat deserted the children for 18 months when they were very young, said the report.

Mr Day took the children to the UK and has been raising them alone, but allowing them to communicate with their mother online.

At the end of May, he brought the girls, aged six and 10, to Thailand to see their mother. He allowed Ms Onwarat to take them for several days.

When Ms Onwarat did not return them on June 1 as agreed, Mr Day contacted the police, who searched her home and found it empty.

Ms Onwarat is now married to a Norwegian man who left Thailand for work on April 27. The couple have a three-year-old son, Marvin.

Also known by her previous married name Wiganda Day and her maiden name Onwarat Suphikunphong, Ms Onwarat is believed to be in hiding with her three children.

She was seen driving a white Toyota Vios, red plate registration 2995, issued in Chon Buri.

The Gazette notes that the registered address on the arrest warrant marks a residence in Pathum Thani, on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Alternatively, Ms Onwarat may be hiding out in her home province of Ayutthaya, Ms Dillow noted.

Anyone with information about the group’s whereabouts are urged to notify nearest police station or call the police hotline 191.

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Parental Abduction – FBI’s Most Wanted For Parental Kidnappings

June 21, 2013

Source: FBI

Parental kidnapping or parental abduction is defined as the concealment, taking, or retention of a child by his parent in violation of the rights of the child’s other parent or another family member. Violated rights may include, for example, custody and visitation rights. Sadly, thousands of children are abducted by a parent and removed from the United States annually. Even more children are kidnapped by a parent within the confines of U.S. borders. Parental kidnapping also happens when a child is abducted from a custodial parent abroad and transported into the United States by the non-custodial parent illegally.

More Than Just a Custody Dispute

Make no mistake – parental kidnapping is illegal. Parental kidnapping is far more than a dispute regarding custody matters between divorcing parents. Such matters are relegated to the civil courts; however, parental kidnapping is a criminal act. In fact, parental kidnapping violates the laws of all U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands, plus U.S. federal laws and international laws. It is dangerous and can be deadly.


Parentally-abducted children live a life on the run as if fugitives. It is not uncommon to see a child receive a new name, nickname, haircut, dyed hair, glasses, or otherwise altered appearance. Children may be coached not to reveal their true names, birth dates, home states and addresses, and other identifying information. They may move often to avoid detection and recovery. School performance and social relationships suffer materially (that is, if the child is permitted to attend school). Even medical treatment may suffer because of requirements for identifying information involved in the registration for care and insurance claims processing.

Traumatic for Children

Parentally-abducted children are traumatized emotionally and psychologically, especially if they are brainwashed by the abducting parent to believe that the other parent no longer loves them or has died. Abducted children are truly innocent victims of their parents’ decisions and actions. Their relationships with other family members, perhaps even siblings and grandparents, are terminated, and their sense of family, belonging, and identity is compromised, if not lost entirely in the process.

What typically starts as a custody dispute balloons into a much larger tragedy with long-term and widespread impacts. Perhaps most tragic are the higher risk factors that abducted children face for severe psychological conditions such as reactive attachment disordergeneralized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder in both the short and long terms.

Parental abduction may seem a last resort and only remaining alternative to a parent fearful of an abusive situation involving the other parent, an international move instigated by the other parent, or even an unfavorable custody dispute playing out in the courts. Ultimately, working within the family court system to resolve custody matters within the confines of the law is preferable for preserving the well-being of all involved.

Parents Wanted for Parental Kidnappings


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Search continues for two boys believed abducted from Florida

April 5 2013


This is not the first time a man with ties to Louisiana is suspected of abducting his two young sons. Last year, the boys’ biological father reportedly kidnapped them at gunpoint from foster care in Louisiana.

Today, authorities in Louisiana and several other states continue to search for Joshua Michael Hakken, a 35-year-old with ties to the Slidell area who is suspected of taking his 4- and 2-year-old sons from their maternal grandparents’ home in Florida after tying up their grandmother.

“It’s the manner in which the kids were taken that concerns law enforcement,” FBI Special Agent Dave Couvertier said during a news conference today.


Hakken, 35, entered his mother-in-law’s house north of Tampa, tied her up and fled with the children, authorities say. Hakken, the boys and the boys’ mother might be traveling in a black 2006 GMC pickup bearing University of Florida license plate U95KT.

Tips about 4-year-old Cole Hakken and 2-year-old Chase Hakken have poured in from several states, an FBI agent and a Hillsborough County, Fla., sheriff’s spokesman said during a news conference.

Officials say Hakken and 34-year-old Sharyn Patricia Hakken are the prime suspects in the abduction. “Both suspects are anti-government and have attempted a previous abduction at gunpoint in Louisiana,” an earlier news release says. Authorities are focused on the children and not the parents’ political views, Couvertier said. “We’re working on the safe return of the entire family, specifically the children. We don’t anticipate or expect them to hurt their children. And, hopefully, we can put the family back together.”

The Hillsborough sheriff’s office has issued an arrest warrant for Joshua Hakken. He faces two counts each of kidnapping, child neglect and false imprisonment and one count each of burglary with a battery and grand theft auto.

Joshua Hakken lost custody of his sons last year after his arrest on a drug possession charge, authorities say. He later tried to take them at gunpoint from a foster home in Louisiana, they added.

The two boys have been living with their maternal grandparents since last year, officials said. A Louisiana court informed the Hakkens on Tuesday that they’d been stripped of their parental rights. This morning, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued a statewide alert after the family’s vehicle was believed to have been seen about 8 p.m. Wednesday in Etowah in southeast Tennessee.

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PARENTAL ABDUCTOR OFF THE HOOK: Feds drop charges against Long Island kidnap fugitive

January 22, 2013

Source: Daily news

Yvette Torres, who spent 12 years as one of the FBI’s most wanted parental kidnapping fugitives, has been given a pass.


Yvette Torres was arrested in September at Kennedy Airport by FBI agents after she agreed to return from Spain with her now-14-year-old daughter, Sabrena.

The feds have given a free pass to a woman who was once one of the FBI’s most wanted parental kidnapping fugitives, the Daily News has learned.

Prosecutors have dismissed criminal charges against Yvette Torres, whose smiling face was a fixture for 12 years on the FBI’s website.

The author Alice Sebold even used a photo of Torres’ daughter Sabrena and other missing children to illustrate a special edition of her haunting novel “The Lovely Bones,” about a young girl who is kidnapped and murdered.

Torres, 49, was arrested in September at Kennedy Airport by FBI agents after she agreed to return from Spain with her now-14-year-old daughter. She was released on $75,000 bail and faced three years in prison.


The FBI issued this Yvette Torres wanted poster.

The child was turned over to her biological father, Davis Beck of Long Island — who had shared custody of the girl when Torres fled in 2000.

A spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office said the decision to drop the charges was made in consultation with “all the parties.”

“In the interest of the child, this was the best course of action to take,” said spokesman Robert Nardoza.

A source familiar with the case said Torres’ voluntary surrender was a consideration in deciding the outcome of the case, but insisted she was offered no promises by authorities in advance of her arrest.

Torres suffers from bipolar disorder and other physical ailments, said another source.

“She’s a mess, which is one of the reasons she came back,” the source said.

Torres did not return a call seeking comment.


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Fugitive Wanted For International Parental Kidnapping

July 19, 2012


The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced today the addition of Faical Ben Abdallah Chebbi, to the “Washington Field Office’s Wanted Fugitives” list. Chebbi, a former resident of Prince George’s County, Md., is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Tunisia and is wanted for international parental kidnapping.

On October 26, 2011, following his divorce proceedings, Chebbi, 40, was awarded visitation rights with his two children, Zainab, 3, and Eslam, 6. On November 11, 2011, Chebbi obtained his children from their maternal grandparents’ residence in Prince George’s County, Md. The children were supposed to be returned on November 13, 2011; however, on November 11, 2011, Chebbi and the children flew from Dulles International Airport in Chantilly, Va., to Germany, and continued to Tunis, Tunisia. On November 12, 2011, Chebbi contacted the children’s mother who resides in Fairfax County, Va., and informed her that he and the children were in Tunisia and would not return to the U.S.

 Zainab Chebbi

Eslam Chebbi

On November 17, 2011, the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, Maryland, issued an order for Chebbi to return the children. On December 19, 2011, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia issued a federal warrant for Chebbi’s arrest for removing the children from the U.S. and retaining them outside the U.S. with the intent to obstruct the lawful exercise of parental rights.

Chebbi is 6’6” (198 cm) and weighs approximately 200 pounds (91 kg) with black hair, brown eyes and a medium complexion. Chebbi’s daughter, Zainab, has brown hair and brown eyes and has a mole on her right hip. Eslam, Chebbi’s son, has black hair and brown eyes. Both children speak English and are believed to be with Chebbi in Tunisia.

Chebbi speaks fluent Arabic, English and French and is likely to visit Algeria, Libya, Egypt and France. He may use an alias when crossing borders. While residing in the Washington, D.C. area, Chebbi was a limousine driver for several companies and operated his own limousine business called Airport Access. Chebbi is believed to continue to operate a self-employed business in Tunis, Tunisia, under the name Westwind Limousine.

The FBI investigates violations of the International Parental Kidnapping Crime Act (IPKCA) of 1993 which states that a criminal arrest warrant can be issued for a parent who takes a juvenile under 16 outside of the U.S. without the other custodial parent’s permission. The FBI works these cases in partnership with international authorities through the U.S. Department of State, Interpol and FBI Legal Attaché offices.

Individuals with information concerning Faical Chebbi, or his children, call 1-800-CALL-FBI or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate. Additional information regarding Faical Chebbi, including his wanted poster, is available on the FBI Washington Field Office’s website at

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Abducted Salina girl, 8, found safe in Thailand and returned home; dad faces charges


Salina, NY — A Salina girl, abducted by her father in 2007, has returned home after being found safe in Thailand, according to Onondaga County sheriff’s deputies.

Deonna Shipman, now 8, was found in Bangkok last month with her father, Jeffery Shipman, 51, who did not have custody of the girl, said Sgt. John D’Eredita.

Jeffery Shipman was found Feb. 24 and arrested on an FBI warrant on international parental kidnapping charges, D’Eredita said. He was arraigned in Los Angeles. Shipman had been on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

Deonna Shipman has been returned to Onondaga County and is healthy, D’Eredita said. Her mother, Lioubov Shipman has been studying nursing in Russia, said Sheriff Kevin Walsh.

The sheriff said Lioubov Shipman had given up her apartment here, but still had items in storage. He didn’t know if she had other family in the area.

Lioubov Shipman is on her way back from Russia to reunite with her daughter.

Jeffery Shipman is being held by US Marshals and will eventually be sent back to Onondaga County to face charges, deputies said.

The FBI is handling the case, with deputies assisting.

Walsh said that deputies tracked the Shipmans to the Rochester airport after their disappearance in July 2007. When deputies found out that the Shipmans’ destination was England, they got the FBI involved, Walsh said.

He did not know how the FBI tracked them down in Thailand.

Read our coverage of this story from 2007:

• Deputies seek Salina dad, daughter who are missing

• FBI to compare missing Salina girl’s DNA with Texas body

• Father may have fled country with girl, investigators say


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Child Abduction: Abduction law to punish fly-away dads and mothers

Stephanie Peatling, September 10, 2011

TOUGH laws to stop parents abducting and taking their children overseas are being considered by the federal government.

The Family Law Council has told the Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, new criminal charges need to be created to punish parents.

”The [existing] legislation does not cover the situation where a parent takes a child overseas with the other parent’s consent or in accordance with a court order, but subsequently retains the child overseas beyond the agreed or authorised period,” said the council chairwoman, Associate Professor Helen Rhoades.

It also ”does not cover the situation where children are taken overseas without the other parent’s consent and no parenting orders have been sought from, or granted by, the courts. The question that arises is whether a parent’s behaviour in either or both of these circumstances should be criminalised.”

About 125 children are taken out of Australia each year, says the Attorney-General’s Department. In 2007, 147 were abducted overseas and in 2008 it was 138.The number fell to 95 in 2009 but rose to 125 last year. Under the Family Law Act, international parental child abduction carries a maximum three-year jail sentence.

The Family Law Council has also identified a loophole in the law because it does not cover situations in which children are taken overseas without the other parent’s consent but there is no involvement by the courts. This happens when the parents are still in a relationship. A parliamentary committee is examining whether tougher sanctions need to be introduced. It will report to the government next month, which is expected to respond later this year.

As many as 12,000 children are on an Australian Federal Police watch list as being potentially in danger of being taken out of the country. But the AFP believes the true figure is much lower because the names are not automatically removed once a child turns 18.

Angela Lynch, a committee member of Women’s Legal Services Australia, said special consideration needed to be made for parents trying to escape abusive relationships and parents who had moved away from their extended families.

”In our experience, many women flee home to family support when a separation occurs,” she said, adding: ”It is not in the public interest that such situations are criminally prosecuted. There are links with the need for domestic family laws to be accessible to enable women to have a choice to apply to a domestic court for international child relocation rather than fleeing home.”

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Philippine police officer wanted for murder of Norwegian 18-year-old in Quezon

A police officer from Manila calls for the murder of the Norwegian 18-year-old Michael Troy Johansen Rasay, according to the newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Rasay was killed Sunday when he allegedly tried to stop a fight in the town of QuezonCity, Philippines.

Those involved in the brawl have turned against the 18-year-old, and a witnesses did see him fight with one of the policeman’s colleagues just before shots were fired.

Police Chief George Regis in Quezon City Police District (QCPD) said to the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the police officer has not shown up for work since the shooting and that he has not been in his home.

– He should turn himself in so that this matter can be resolved quickly, said police.

The murder happened outside a bar. The police found the suspect’s identity because he handed over his gun to the security guards at the bar earlier that evening. He then gave the guards his name.

– He was the only person who had handed in a weapon at the bar, said lead investigatoron the case.

According to police, the officer is likely to be charged with murder.

The shooting happened at 5:45 Sunday morning local time. 18-year-old was pronounced dead at hospital at 7.35

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Santo Domingo: Police arrest Swedish fugitive wanted on daughter’s kidnapping

1 June, 2011

Santo Domingo.- A fugitive wanted by a Swedish court on charges of kidnapping a minor and crimes against the family was arrested yesterday by Police agents assigned to INTERPOL, who rescued a girl and handed her over to the National Childhood and Adolescence Council (CONANI).

The Swedish national Helena Maria Irene Agnvall is accused of taking her 5 year old daughter from her father’s Stockholm residence in 2007, and of illegally bringing the minor to Dominican Republic, where she kept the child in Sosua, Puerto Plata Province (north).

Agnvall was arrested via a warrant issued by a court in Sodertorn, Sweden, where she faces charges of violating that nation’s Penal Code.

The Police said she’ll be repatriated to her country in the next few hours.

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