Kidnapping mum faces four years in prison

Published by The Local, 5 July 2011

An eight-year-old, kept hidden in the Dominican Republic from her Swedish father for four years, is back with her family in Sweden. 

“That feels good, but I still miss my mother a lot,” said the girl when questioned by the police.Her mother is now being charged for child abduction. The woman denies the crime, stating that she had good reasons for living there with her daughter for 3.5 years, according to newspaper Metro.
The girl has been in Sweden for a month now, living with her father, his new wife and her two baby sisters, according to daily Dagens Nyheter (DN). Her father hopes she will be able to see her mother in the future.The mother is currently jailed and waiting for trial. She faces up to four years in prison for abducting her daughter.

“My interpretation of the situation is that prison time is reasonable, and not in the lower end of the scale,” said prosecutor Hélène Dalhammar to DN.

Before being reunited with her father last month, the eight-year-old girl had not seen him since January 2007.

The parents were involved in a drawn-out custody case, in which the father wanted shared custody, but the mother demanded sole custody, claiming she was concerned there was a risk for sexual abuse.The court dismissed these claims and finally decided to grant the father sole custody, but the day before the court’s decision came into effect, the mother disappeared with her daughter.

The future remains uncertain as to whether the girl will be able to see both her parents without risk for another abduction.

“We can only hope the situation can be solved in time,” said Dalhammar to DN.

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Santo Domingo: Police arrest Swedish fugitive wanted on daughter’s kidnapping

1 June, 2011

Santo Domingo.- A fugitive wanted by a Swedish court on charges of kidnapping a minor and crimes against the family was arrested yesterday by Police agents assigned to INTERPOL, who rescued a girl and handed her over to the National Childhood and Adolescence Council (CONANI).

The Swedish national Helena Maria Irene Agnvall is accused of taking her 5 year old daughter from her father’s Stockholm residence in 2007, and of illegally bringing the minor to Dominican Republic, where she kept the child in Sosua, Puerto Plata Province (north).

Agnvall was arrested via a warrant issued by a court in Sodertorn, Sweden, where she faces charges of violating that nation’s Penal Code.

The Police said she’ll be repatriated to her country in the next few hours.

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