UK arranged marriages: Kidnapping, rape and murder in the name of family honour

November 26 , 2013

Source: ABP News

“We have kidnappings, abductions, assaults, sexual offences. Anything that you can imagine could happen, does happen, in the name of honour,” says Nazir Afzal, Crown Prosecutor for the north-west of England.


And murder – 10 to 12 cases a year. Yet as the hyper-active, smartly dressed lawyer concedes in his Manchester office, violence invoked in the name of family honour, mostly by citizens of South Asian and Middle Eastern origin, is often hidden and unreported.

Mr Afzal knows about honour, having grown up in Birmingham in a Pakistani Muslim household.

Honour, he says, can be a good thing, helping bind families and communities together.

But, “at the moment in so many communities, in so many families, it is merely used to suppress women, to oppress women. So, if they misbehave in some way, or make their own choice, they have dishonoured the family. If men do the same, well it’s men – you know they do what they want. Regrettably too often it’s used to control women.”

After World War II, Britain received waves of migrants from its former colonies in India, Pakistan and later Bangladesh.

Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and others came, some for higher education, but mostly to work in the factories around London and in the Midlands and north of England.


In England, generations who self-identify as Asian now number more than 4 million, 8 per cent of the English population.

‘In the name of the father, the son, and the male members of the family’

Arranged marriages are a still a feature of migrant communities, with parents agreeing that their children will marry, particularly first cousins. But for teenagers growing up in the United Kingdom, torn between the strictures of home and the freedoms of 21st century Britain, arranged marriages too often become forced marriages.

“There are probably between 8,000 to 10,000 forced marriages or threats of forced marriages in the United Kingdom every year,” Mr Afzal says.

“We prosecuted more than 200 cases last year of honour-based violence. What we have here are crimes in the name of the father, the son and the blessed male members of the family.”

Currently there is no law against forced marriage in the United Kingdom. That will change early next year, with new legislation similar to that introduced this year in Australia.

Hundreds of young girls disappear from British schools every year

Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has a unit devoted to trying to prevent young people, mostly girls and women but also boys and men, being compelled to travel abroad to marry someone whom in many cases they have never met.

The Forced Marriage Unit handled 1,485 cases last year, 35 per cent of them involving teenagers aged 17 or younger. One of its biggest problems is trying to track down people who travel to South Asia and never return.

Mr Afzal says a British government survey of school pupils highlighted the problem.

“They discovered hundreds and hundreds of young girls, and by that I mean 11, 12, 13-year-olds, who would just disappear off the school rolls.”

While it is illegal in the United Kingdom for anyone to marry under the age of 16, marriages involving children still happen in South Asia and the Middle East.

Sometimes girls do not return to Britain until they are pregnant, the theory being that this may assist the process by which the husband seeks residency in the United Kingdom.

Girl told to ‘put a spoon in your knickers’ at airport to avoid being sent abroad

Jasvinder Sanghera, who escaped a forced marriage by running away from her Sikh family home in Derby at the age of 15, formed Karma Nirvana 20 years ago to help people in trouble.

She says the Leeds-based charity has received more than 30,000 calls since 2008.

“To me that’s a drop in the ocean … it could be quadrupled,” she said.


Ms Sanghera recalls an occasion when a girl feared she was being taken abroad against her will.

“The call handler said, ‘Put a spoon in your knickers. When you go through security it will go off and at that point you’re going to be stopped by a security guard and say I’m being forced to marry’. Which is exactly what she did, and it saved her life.”

Campaigning on the issues of forced marriages has given Ms Sanghera a high profile, an MBE, a meeting with prime minister David Cameron and with countless senior police and other government officials. And yet she believes schools, police and communities are not taking forced marriages and honour-based violence seriously enough.

“If you are Asian and missing from education, the same questions are not asked as [of their] white counterparts here in Britain,” she said.

“And that has not changed because we know there are hundreds going missing off our school rolls. Maybe they’re not being forced into marriage, but the point is, ask the question and look into it. They’re not even doing that.”

As for police: “There are some police forces which are doing sterling work now and trying to get it right. On the ground it’s a different story. There are 43 police forces across the UK and I would refer to potentially four [getting it right]. You know, it’s very much dependent on the person you get on the day.”

British police have been severely criticised for their failures in a series of high-profile honour killings:

  • Banaz Mahmud, 20, strangled on the orders of her father and uncle
  • Surjit Athwal, 27, murdered on the orders of her mother-in-law and brother-in-law
  • Shafilea Ahmed, 17, suffocated by her parents.

In each case, police initially, and in some cases repeatedly, failed to comprehend the seriousness of the threat.

As Ms Sanghera tells trainee detectives in Birmingham, relating the Banaz Mahmud case: “She told police her family was planning to kill her because she’d left an abusive marriage and was seen kissing a man outside a Tube station. And she was not believed. She was dealt with as being melodramatic, fantasising.”

Just a month later she’d been raped and garrotted, her body packed in a suitcase and buried in a garden.

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Man Charged with Allegedly Kidnapping Daughter, Assaulting Wife

August 2, 2012

Source: fox4kc

 A Missouri man has been charged with kidnapping and other charges after he allegedly took his daughter by force from his wife, authorities said on Wednesday.

Jonathan Ray Lee Parker, 26, faces parental kidnapping, domestic assault and disturbing the peace in connection to the alleged kidnapping on Wednesdy morning.

According to authorities, Parker forcibly took his daughter from her mother as the two were leaving a Gallatin dental office. Parker then allegedly hit his wife with his car as he was leaving the scene. Authorities from the Gallatin Police Department, Daviess County Sheriffs Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol searched for Parker until he was finally contacted and persuaded to surrender by Gallatin Police.

Parker is now being held in the Daviess-Dekalb County Jail in Pattonsburg, Mo. while formal charges are requested through the Daviess County Prosecutor.

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Østrig har tilsyneladende ikke overholdt deres forpligtelser i en sag om børnebortfølgese, mener advokat.

Source: og

Sagen om den 40-årige danske mand, der tirsdag morgen bortførte sin femårige søn fra Østrig, vækker undren hos formanden for Danske Familieadvokater, Helle Larsen.

Da drengen er opvokset i Danmark, og de danske myndigheder har tilkendt faren forældremyndigheden, burde de østrigske myndigheder forlængst have sørget for, at drengen var kommet tilbage til Danmark, mener hun.

– Østrig har tilsyneladende valgt at se stort på de internationale konventioner. De burde have respekteret den danske afgørelse i sagen, siger hun til Ritzau.

Danmark bør støtte faderen

Tidligt tirsdag om morgenen mødte faderen og en anden mand op ved drengens børnehave. Mens makkeren holdt moderen tilbage, satte danskeren sin søn ind i en bil.

På trods af den dramatiske fremgangsmåde bør de danske myndigheder støtte faren, mener Helle Larsen.

– Danmark bør give den danske afgørelse i sagen forrang, og Familiestyrelsen bliver efter min vurdering nødt til at bakke faren op, siger hun.

Helle Larsen opfordrer samtidig regeringen til at gå ind i sagen.

– Politisk bør man rejse sagen over for Østrig for at finde ud af, hvad årsagen er til, at østrigerne ikke har villet overholde deres forpligtelser, siger hun.

Tilknytning til Danmark

Hvis de oplysninger, der er kommet frem i sagen holder stik, så er sagen ret klar, mener Helle Larsen.

– Sådan som jeg har forstået det, så har Østrig ikke overholdt deres andel af Europarådskonventionen og Haagkonventionen om børnebortførelser. Der er tale om et barn, som har haft størst tilknytning til Danmark, og som havde bopæl i Danmark, da moren besluttede at tage barnet med til Østrig.

– I sådan et tilfælde er det Danmark, der skal afgøre sagen, og hvis barnet bliver ført ud af landet til et andet land, så siger konventionen, at det andet land skal føre barnet tilbage til Danmark, siger Helle Larsen.


Nu er bortførte Oliver i Danmark

– Thomas er tilbage i Danmark med Oliver. Og han går under jorden, indtil de danske myndigheder indleder dialog med Østrig for at få hævet den internationale arrestordre, der betyder, at han også kan blive anholdt på dansk grund af danske betjente, siger Janus Bang, talsmand for faren fra organisationen Borgersagen, til

Les også: Østrigsk politi: Han risikerer fængsel

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Robert F.Kennedy’s son faces charges in maternity ward tussle

Source: Reuters

Robert F. Kennedy’s son is facing misdemeanor charges stemming from a confrontation with two nurses that occurred as he was trying to carry his 2-day-old baby out of the maternity ward at a suburban New York hospital, according to a local TV report.

Douglas Kennedy, 44, has been charged with harassment and endangering the welfare of a child following the January 7 incident at the Northern Westchester Hospital, according to WNBC-TV.

The clash occurred when nurses attempted to stop Kennedy from taking his newborn son out of maternity ward, saying he wasn’t allowed to do so, according to the TV station, which cited a Mount Kisco, N.Y. police report.

An argument broke out and Kennedy eventually turned violent, twisting the arm of one nurse and kicking another in the pelvic area, WNBC-TV said.

Kennedy, a reporter for Fox News and the 10th child of Robert F. and Ethel Kennedy, disputed the accusations in a statement to the TV station.

A spokesman for the hospital confirmed that an incident occurred on January 7 on the maternity ward but declined to provide any details because of patient confidentiality.

Neither the Mount Kisco police nor an attorney for Kennedy could be immediately reached for comment.

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Cabbie Eugene Pothy reunited with son stuck in international custody fight

Source: NY Daily News

Boy, 10, was living in Ivory Coast with relatives since 2003.

WHEN THE SON he had not seen for eight years stepped into the arrivals hall at Kennedy Airport, cabbie Eugene Pothy sobbed and gripped the railing.

He had waited so long for this moment — the end of a wrenching international custody battle — and when he finally hugged the boy, it seemed he might never let go.

As that first embrace ended, 10-year-old Philippe-Emmanuel looked up at a father he knew only from photographs, smiled shyly, and asked in French, “Why are you crying?“

“Just for you,“ Pothy said.

Pothy hadn’t seen Philippe-Emmanuel since the boy’s mother sent him to the Ivory Coast to visit her relatives in 2003. He never returned.

On Tuesday, the cabbie kept shaking his head in disbelief that the ordeal had a happy ending.

“Eight years. Eight years,” he said.

“This is all I have been hoping for for eight years. The day has come.”

Philippe-Emmanuel seemed taken aback by the outpouring.

With his dad translating for him, he said he felt “happy.”

“I recognize my dad from photos. From Facebook, I knew him,” he said.

Pothy, 46, who lives in East Orange, N.J., and works in the city, first told his story of losing his son to the Daily News last November.

After the boy did not return from Africa, Pothy failed for years to convince the child’s mother and her family that he should be raised in America.

Last spring, he contacted the State Department, which opened a case but told him it would be difficult for them to take action, because the Ivory Coast isn’t part of the Hague Convention on International Parental Child Abduction.

The agency also cautioned him against flying there to get the boy himself, if he could get a U.S. judge to sign a order, because foreign courts often do not recognize American custody rules.

The case took a promising turn when Pothy met with self-styled anti-abduction activist Peter Thomas Senese before a December hearing on the case in New Jersey Superior Court.

Pothy said Senese brokered an agreement with the boy’s mother, Judith Any-Grah, that stipulated his return.

Read: I Care Foundation helps create a miracle

The judge approved it and Any-Grah’s family overseas complied.

The boy will now live with Pothy, who already has residential custody of his 6-year-old sister, but his mom will have joint custody.

Any-Grah was also at the airport Tuesday, waiting to see the boy she had not seen in eight years, either.

She told The News that when she sent Philippe-Emmanuel to live with her sister in 2003, she was overwhelmed as a mom and college student.

“I asked her to raise him for me,” she said.

She claimed Pothy agreed it was best at the time. He says he expected his son to be gone only six months.

“Now, I can do my job,” he said. “I can be his dad.”

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Parental Move Away/Abduction: Entrepreneur Wins Custody Of Missing Child


Big Jake won contracts for his trucking company by the force of his many contacts flowing from his Southern California roots. But his self marketing talents were eclipsed by his self maintenance skills aided by his baseball glove sized hands that, creased by wrench grip scars from the multitude of in flight maintenance diesel repairs this gentle giant of German English ancestry managed through his 50 year company history — hauling newsprint for his California based publishing company clientele — equipped his Kenworth fleeted tractors well for dependable, on-time reliability. And given his wide set baby blue eyes and shock of blond brown beach boy surfer hair, our six foot four two hundred thirty pound client not surprisingly fathered the most delightfully pert seven year old Goldilocks like girl in the county.

How she adored her daddy

!home content img1 150x150 Parental Move Away/Abduction: Entrepreneur Wins Custody Of Missing Child

So much so that jealously framed mother’s agenda to rip into the heart of our latter day Paul Bunyan by stealing away in the night with little Rebecca in tow of her Berkeley- Doctored new mate to the Greek Islands for his post doctoral research project enveloping the demise at the hands of Scipio Africans, his hero and his target of historical focus — Hannibal of Carthage.

But we cut off our bespectacled wasp with his anxious entourage at the boarding gate with the Vista Family Court’s restraining order recorded with the US Department Of Justice tagging Rebecca’s passport!

And Mother’s Mr Peepers bolted with Rebecca and Mother into darkness somewhere east of Raleigh and north of Savannah.

That is, until or gentle giant landed an overland cross-country consignment bound for Philadelphia with restraining orders in his glove box.

Soon afterward, and southbound for Tallahassee, our law firm’s investigator spotted Rebecca’s caravan in Southern Georgia, eight months to the day of Rebecca’s disappearance from her Oceanside California home. The hunt was on.

Our Midwest connections with the Chicago Tribune’s law firm led to legal connections in Tallassee where our new co-counsel having the local banking industry in legal lockstep identified Mr. Peeper’s newly opened Tallahassee bank account and his local motel address, where sharply early the following morning over-nighted orders were served requiring court surrender that very day.

Big Jake had meantime been storming his lighted rig, freed of it’s delivered cargo’s weight, south east to Florida. Contemporaneously or firm’s on sight PI kept watch at a respectful distance as the flushed prey efforted an escape west bound towards the Panhandle across north Florida – Mississippi Bound, our glue foot racing to the rear in chase.

But our over-educated, mental Mensa-man and his maul chose both the wrong weekend and the wrong Mississippi town for cover. For it was the very Saturday in December that Florida defeated arch rival Alabama, and Mississippi State beat Oklahoma!

Meridian, Mississippi and Tallassee were all in sleepless celebration mode.
Rebecca’s Tallahassee court issued restraining order was delivered by wire to a hoop hollering Meridian judge who alerted his wide eyed police chief early Sunday morning and the itinerant band and their Mercedes and RV fleet were seized and placed in the local caboose.

Rebecca, herself, spent that Sunday at the Mayor’s plantation home in honor of his alumni status with the Florida judge issuing the over-nighted Florida arrest citation — Florida State had been their mutual Alma Mater!

Meantime Big Jake had swung his broiling hot, diesel powered behemoth West from Tallahassee towards the Deep South, escorted by two Florida State Trooper squads by-passing the required checkpoints towards his beloved Rebecca.

Come Sunday Noon, yours truly was conference calling from my La Costa kitchen phone with Peeper’s newly retained Florida counsel arranging with the stern encouragement of two reunited alums of Florida State School Of Law, the assignment of Our Mr Big Hands of Sandy Hair as special deputy to personally escort Rebecca and her felon former parens patriae back to Tallahassee for arraignment with Rebecca delightedly reunified sitting shotgun aboard Big Jakes smokin big rig enroute for a Tuesday afternoon court Hearing.

Early Wednesday morning beaming Rebecca was released into her daddy’s care for her return to Oceanside while her former travel companions remained behind pending a preliminary hearing and trial.

Following further California proceedings Rebecca was returned full time into her father’s care and 15 years later earned her psychology degree — from UC Cal, where else!

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Father gets son back after 9-year search

Source: Royalgazette

After nearly a decade of searching, Giovanni Burrows finally has his son back.

Following a court hearing in Jacksonville, Florida, yesterday afternoon, Mr Burrows said he was confident the courts would find in his favour, but added that the financial impact of the prolonged search will cause lingering challenges.

“I just knew this was what was going to happen,” he said. “One battle is now finally over, but there’s now another struggle that has just begun.”

The court decision brought an end to a nine-year search and several hearings about the future of 14-year-old Jasai Swan-Burrows.

Mr Burrows won full custody of Jasai from his ex-wife, Kim Sakena Swan, in 2001.

Ms Swan fled the country with Jasai in 2003, when he was five years old.

Since then, Mr Burrows has dedicated himself to tracking down his son and bringing him back to Bermuda. Every time he thought the search was nearing an end, he struck another roadblock.

Mr Burrows and US authorities tracked Ms Swan down in St Petersburg, Florida last May.

However she and Jasai disappeared on May 11, just before a hearing was scheduled to take place.

According to Clearwater police Jasai asked a caretaker to go to the bathroom and instead met with his mother and fled.

“It seems like every year we would get close, but then something would happen. I would fly to Florida, and they would be gone,” Mr Burrows said.

“We knew they were still in Florida. They really couldn’t go anywhere else, but they kept getting tipped off.”

The search ended Thursday when Ms Swan was arrested in Jacksonville and charged with interference with child custody and parental abduction.

Both Jasai and his younger sister, who was born in the United States, were taken by the authorities.

Mr Burrows flew to Jacksonville for an emergency hearing on Sunday. He hoped to pick up his son and return to the Island, but that was not to be the hearing was adjourned. A second hearing was scheduled for Monday but that too was set back.

Prior to yesterday’s hearing, Mr Burrows said: “Every time I think ‘It’s happening again’. Every day my son disappears again.

“I’m wearing the same clothes I came up here in. All that’s happening now is my debt is growing bigger, but it’s all right. I would go into a million dollars in debt if it meant I would have my son back.”

He said he had no doubt the courts would return his son to him, but after years of hard work and near misses, he found it hard to get excited about the court’s impending decision.

“I have told myself that this is not over until the plane lands in Bermuda,” he said.

Mr Burrows said he has spoken to his son everyday since he arrived in Florida.

“He said he didn’t want to come back to Bermuda without his sister, or without knowing that she was coming soon, so I’ve been doing everything I can to make sure that happens,” he said. “He loves his sister, so I have to do what I can.”

Once back in Bermuda, Mr Burrows has to deal with the bills he has racked up in his nine-year search. Between the flights to and from Florida and the cost of the prolonged legal battle, he has spent about $500,000.

Even yesterday he was unsure as to how he was going afford to get back to Bermuda. His best option was to rent a car and drive with Jasai to Miami in hopes of getting less expensive airfare for his teenage son.

“I have maxed out all my credit cards; I have sold possessions,” he said. “The bank is helping me pay my lawyer, who was kind enough to offer me a reduced rate, but that’s something I will have to pay back.

“I’m renting a place that has a loft for my son, but that’s up for sale now so they could make us move out. All I want is for my son to be happy and stable.

“I’ve sent a letter to the Premier, to the Government, asking if they might be able to help me buy some sort of house, a fixer-upper, so I can have a stable home for my son.”

He hoped others might be able to learn from what happened to him, he added. Since his story has come out others in similar situations have come to him asking for advice.

“One man contacted me on Facebook in pretty much the same situation so I told him who he should contact and what he needed to do,” he said. “I felt a little jealous because he was able to get his son back a week later while I’ve been working for ten years, but it felt good to know that I helped someone.”

The long search

2001: Giovanni Burrows is granted full custody of his son, Jasai Swan-Burrows. Jasai’s mother, Kim Sakena Swan, is allowed to see their son on weekends.
January 18, 2003: Ms Swan leaves Bermuda on a flight to Atlanta, taking five-year-old Jasai with her. She lists Stone Mountain, Georgia, as her intended final destination on her departure card.
September 2006: Mr Burrows moves to the United States to search for his son, spending a year speaking with media outlets, the British Consulate and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The search leads Mr Burrows to St Petersburg, Florida, but all he found was an empty residence with pictures and other paraphernalia left behind. He eventually returns to Bermuda empty-handed.
May 2011: Authorities find Ms Swan and Jasai, now 13 years old, living in a homeless hostel in St Petersburg. Mr Burrows flies to Florida and, for the first time in more than eight years, gets to spend time with his son.
May 11, 2011: A hearing is held in Clearwater to return Jasai to Bermuda. However just before the hearing, Jasai leaves his caretaker and secretly meets and leaves with his mother.
February 2, 2012: Ms Swan is arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, and charged with interference with child custody and parental abduction.
February 7, 2012:Jacksonville courts return Jasai to Mr Burrows, allowing him to return to Bermuda.

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Father searching for abducted daughter

Source: Phillyburbs

The day before Thanksgiving Max Troitsky got a call from his mom asking if he knew that his estranged wife and toddler daughter were visiting Russia.

He didn’t, but should have. Anna Troitsky was not supposed to leave the U.S. with their only child without his permission under their court-ordered custody agreement.

Nearly two months later, the Bensalem man is going public with what had been a private and bitter custody dispute in an effort to convince his wife to bring their daughter home or convince Russian authorities to intervene.

His attorney believes the situation could be Russia’s first test under the Hague Abduction Convention, which dictates civil aspects of International Child Abduction. In October Russia joined the Convention as a partner country, meaning it will honor civil verdicts issued by foreign courts, such as custody orders.

The U.S. State Department has seen a sharp increase in the number of international parental child abductions.

The federal agency had 1,135 reports of international child abductions in fiscal year 2009, and most of the alleged abductions were in Hague Convention partner countries, according to the most recent U.S. Department of State statistics. In 2006, there were 642 international abduction cases.

That same year, 436 children abducted or wrongly retained in foreign countries were returned to the United States, most of the children were returned from countries that are Hague Convention partners with the U.S.

The Troitsky’s custody saga started not long after the couple, both Russia natives, filed for divorce in 2010 after five years of marriage citing irreconcilable differences, according to court papers. At the time, Julie was 7 months old.

After the couple separated, Troitsky moved to Bensalem and Anna, Julie and mother-in-law Elena Demyanyuk continued to live in the family’s Upper Southampton home.

As the divorce and custody cases proceeded through the courts, Anna filed a petition seeking court permission to relocate to either Moscow, Russia, or Denver, Colorado, where her brother lives.

Troitsky says Anna, who came to the U.S. shortly before they married, often fought his efforts to get more visitations and overnight stays with their daughter.

“What parent doesn’t want to spend time with your child,” he said. “It was painful to me, painful to my parents, who rarely see their grandchild.”

In mid-November, though, a Bucks County judge issued custody order granting the couple shared legal custody of Julie. Anna had primary physical custody and Troitsky partial physical custody including weekends, overnight and weekday dinners. The judge also denied Anna’s request to relocate to either Russia or Denver, according to court papers.

Troitsky claims Anna only started talking about wanting to return to Russia after the divorce was filed, but he never anticipated his wife would violate the custody order.

“I certainly had no idea they were contemplating this,” he said.

The Courier Times was unsuccessful in reaching Montgomery County attorney Matthew F. Fox who is listed in court records as representing Anna Troitsky in her divorce and custody cases.

Four days after the final custody order was issued, though, Anna, Elena and Julie secretly left the U.S., Troitsky said.

Newtown Township attorney Jeff Leibmann, who represents Troitsky, believes Anna was able to leave the U.S. with Julie, who did not have a U.S. passport because she added her name to her Russian passport. Russia allows its citizens to add the names of children to the passports of parents.

Two days after arriving in Moscow, Elena told Troitsky’s mom in a phone call the three were in Moscow for a few days visiting Anna’s sick father.

Elena allegedly claimed that when Anna and Julie tried to return to the U.S. they were turned away at the airport because of a passport issue with Julie. She said Troitsky had to send a consent letter showing he authorized her to leave the U.S. with Julie, as required by their custody agreement.

The next day, when Troitsky reached Anna on the phone, she assured him she planned to return with Julie, but she also wanted a guarantee that she wouldn’t face criminal charges for taking their daughter out of the country.

Troitsky says he agreed not to pursue legal action. He made Anna an appointment at the U.S. embassy in Russia to start the process to get Julie a passport but she didn’t show up, Troitsky said.

Two days later, on Nov. 26, Troitsky said, Anna told him that she decided she wanted to stay longer in Russia. During that conversation, Troitsky spent a few minutes with Julie on Skype. It was the last time he saw or spoke to her, he says.

Within days, Troitsky says his suspicions that Anna had no plans to return were confirmed.

After he visited the Upper Southampton home, he discovered most of Anna and Julie’s clothes and personal belongings including family photos were gone. All the joint legal documents, including the deed to the house and title were gone, as were the car keys. He learned she quit her job after arriving in Moscow.

“It was clear she had no intention of ever coming back,” he said.

Troitsky and Anna had their last phone conversation three days before an emergency custody hearing was scheduled in Bucks County Court, he said. She told him she didn’t know when she’d return to the U.S.

At that hearing, a Bucks County judge ordered Anna to return to the U.S. with Julie within seven days, otherwise full physical and legal custody would be transferred to Troitsky.

But as far as he knows the three remain in Russia, most likely Moscow.

The U.S. embassy in Russia has been providing updates to Troitsky, but there hasn’t been much to report recently. The embassy has not had much success reaching Anna and Elena and even if they do, they can only encourage her to return, Leibmann said.

The embassy also has reached out to the Russian authorities for help finding Julie, but they are not under any obligation to help find her until Russia establishes a Central Authority to oversee compliance with the Hague Convention.

Troitsky said there is no reason his estranged wife should want to limit his access to Julie. There are no abuse allegations or evidence in any of the custody trial or related investigation. A check of county court records shows no protection from abuse orders filed against either Troitsky.

At this point, Anna may believe that she will be arrested if she returns, Troitsky said, adding he is not interested in pursuing criminal charges. The Upper Southampton police and the FBI have been notified about the situation to get Julie’s photos added to Interpol and U.S. law enforcement databases.

To get his daughter’s face, and his story, into the public eye, Troitsky and his supporters have created a Web site, called “Help Bring Julie Home.”

Troitsky says he has been on an emotional rollercoaster and he has spent many sleepless nights wondering about his child. He misses their special “father-daughter kind of moments.”

“At this point all I want to say is bring Julie back, come back with her, we’ll figure out the details of the custody,” he said. “Taking a child away from a father is not an option.”

In a few weeks Julie turns 2. The most time passes without contact with his daughter, the more Troitsky worries.

“She is probably starting to forget me,” he said.

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What triggers the international parental abductions?


Abdutor Motives and Popular Assumption Regarding Family Abduction.

Through out my story I have came across many different people from which I sought the help or they were designated to my case. I’d like to thank you the high level experts and their commitment to the preventing abduction. However I faced also some front line “specialists” who meant to be trained in such cases to support effectively however they seemed to be rather sharing the below assumption.

A lot of people are convinced that a child is not in danger if the child has been abducted by a family member.

That is incorrect assumption which results in taking the problem too easy and risking the child’s safety.

Vast majority of parental abductions are not based on motive of love to a child.

Parental Kidnapping is closely associated with the Divorce. During separation the parents battles over child custody is a common place.
Child abduction can take place at any time: during, after, or even before divorce. For example there are known cases where one parent took the child to his/her home country for vacation never to return. Once far away these parents proceeded to file for divorce.

The fury and vengeance towards the other parent are reasons for most parental abductions.

The experts list the following motives for the parental kidnapping:

  • To force an agreement or carry on the contact between themselves and the left-behind parent
  • To get revenge or punish the other parent
  • Fear of losing custody or contacts rights
  • Frustration and allienation by the legislation with the custody order or other court proceedings
  • Rarely, to keep safe the kid from a parent who is perceived to molest, abuse or neglect the child
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    One key to ABP World Group`s successful recovery and re-unification of your loved one is to use all necessary means available

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Three-year journey ends after abducted boy and his mother caught and sent home

Source: Fathers 4 Equality blog

A BRITISH mother abducted her six-year-old son and spent three years country-hopping through Asia before settling in Melbourne, where she was finally taken to court and ordered to return home.

According to a Family Court judgment published this month, the mother and father of the boy were in the midst of a custody dispute when the mother said she was taking their son on a two-week trip to the Philippines to visit his sick grandmother. They never returned.

A court order seeking information about the trip went unanswered and, several months later, an English judge found that the child – referred to in court documents as ”B” – had been unlawfully removed.

Believing that his son was in the Philippines, which is not a signatory to the 1986 Convention on International Child Abduction, the father feared that there was little he could do to get the boy back.

The mother and son did not stay in the Philippines but embarked on a three-year journey which included a tour of Hong Kong, Macau and China, followed by a three-month stay in Malaysia.

They returned briefly to the Philippines but left again to spend a year in Dundee, Scotland, before eventually arriving in Melbourne.

The pair moved into a flat in Melbourne’s western suburbs, where they lived for eight months until last April.

Nearly three years after leaving England, the woman finally contacted her former partner, telling him that she and B were in Australia and asking him to sign documents so the child could remain there permanently.

The father refused and went to the International Child Abduction and Contact Unit, which immediately contacted the State Central Authority of Victoria.

The woman was tracked down, her passport seized and she was ordered to appear in the Family Court.

During the ensuing court case, the mother said her former partner had initially consented to B living with her overseas and had known about the year spent in Scotland. She said that she had tried unsuccessfully to contact him via email.

However, the woman conceded ”quietly [and] with a sense of resignation and disappointment” that the removal of the child was against the law and they would have to return home.

The mother and child were due to fly back to the UK on April 19, last year.

by Paul Bibby

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