Parental Abduction from the US – Woman to plead guilty in helping father take sons to Saudi Arabia in kidnapping case

September 25 , 2014


WILLIAMSPORT — A Lycoming College honors graduate has agreed to plead guilty to helping a father take his three sons to Saudi Arabia illegally.

Elyas Ibrahim Muhammad Sayed

A new charge of misprision of a felony was filed Wednesday in U.S. Middle District Court against Cori Lyn Mancuso, 22, of Stroudsburg. According to charging documents, he was aware of a felony and concealed it.

A plea agreement also filed states the government will not make a recommendation as to her sentence. The maximum she could receive is three years.

Charges on which she was indicted in April of conspiracy to remove a child from the United States and three counts of international kidnapping are to be dismissed if the guilty plea goes through.

Mancuso, who is free on personal recognizance, is accused of helping Majed Sayed flee the country with his sons on Nov. 24 in violation of a Lycoming County court order. Sayed was indicted on the same charges as Mancuso.

Since the United States and Saudi Arabia do not have an extradition treaty in child custody matters, Sayed will not be arrested unless he travels to a country that does. Interpol has been made aware of the arrest warrant, the FBI said.


Mancuso was arrested April 1 after getting off a plane in New York City from Saudi Arabia.

Sayed and Mancuso were married in an Islamic ceremony in Williamsport prior to him taking his sons to his native Saudi Arabia. The marriage is not considered legal in the United States or Saudi Arabia.

The boys’ mother, Jessica Socling, of the Jersey Shore area, has been trying unsuccessfully to work with the Saudi embassy to get her sons back.

Sayed, who was enrolled in a master’s degree program at Shippensburg University, had his sons for an approved visit but instead of returning them to Socling as required, he took them to Saudi Arabia on flight out of Washington’s Dulles Airport.

Mancuso, a 2013 magna cum laud graduate from Lycoming College, flew Dec. 7 to Saudi Arabia to join him, the April indictment states.

She told the FBI Sayed planned the kidnapping beginning in October because Socling had used the American court system to gain custody and his ability to see his sons was limited, the indictment alleges.

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Kidnapping: Saudi Arabia urges citizens not to travel to Lebanon

September 16, 2013

Source: The Daily Star

BEIRUT: Saudi Arabia has warned its citizens against travel to Lebanon, reported the Saudi national news agency (SPA) Thursday. “The Foreign Ministry calls on all citizens not to travel to Lebanon for their own safety due to the current situation in the region,” SPA said.

Ali Awad Asiri

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awad Asiri speaks during a press conference in Rabieh, Tuesday, July 2, 2013. (The Daily Star/Charbel Nakhoul, HO)


The Ministry also called on citizens living in or visiting Lebanon to contact the Saudi embassy in Beirut to provide them with the necessary assistance.

Last week, the U.S. urged its non-emergency staff and their family members to leave Lebanon, citing security concerns.

That announcement came after U.S. President Barack Obama said he would seek congressional approval for a military strike against the regime in Lebanon’s neighbor Syria. But Obama Tuesday urged Congress to put off the vote, vowing to explore a diplomatic plan from Russia to take away Syria’s chemical arms.

Lebanon has vowed to protect embassies in the country.

Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said Wednesday that Lebanon regards as important the security of foreign embassies.

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Lebanon Ali Asiri has recently said that his country has put in place a contingency plan for the evacuation of its nationals in Lebanon.

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