Texas Boy Kidnapped by Mom Found After 4 Years in Mexico

January 17, 2016

Source: Breibart

Mexican authorities have found a 10-year-old Texas boy who had been kidnapped by his mother four years ago and taken to Mexico.


Sebastian Alexander Lorio Galvan was taken from his Texas home in 2011 by his mother Veronica Galvan Lorio, according to Mexican authorities. The mother did not have parental custody of the child.

Sebastian was last seen in Brownsville, Texas, in September 2011. He was eventually taken into the Mexican city of Matamoros.

Mexican federal authorities, acting under a federal warrant, arrested Veronica Galvan and secured the now 10-year-old boy this week at a house in Valle Del Cauca Street in the Valle neighborhood of Matamoros, information provided by Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office (PGR) revealed.

Veronica Galvan Lorio

Veronica Galvan is currently wanted by Texas authorities on the state  charge of interfering with child custody, which is a state jail felony as per the Texas Penal Code.

Mexican authorities took Galvan before a federal judge in Matamoros who will determine if she will face charges in Mexico. The judge will also determine if she will be extradited to Texas in connection with the pending warrant.

It remains unclear when Sebastian Alexander Lorio will be reunited with his father Alex Lorio.

As previously reported by Breitbart Texas, parental kidnapping cases in Mexico tend to be a difficult and costly case particularly when the father is the one fighting to get the child back. Late last year Mexico’s Supreme Court sided with Eric Haan, a Michigan man that had been fighting for his children almost three years. The children’s mother “Erica” and her parents took them to Mexico during a family vacation. In Haan’s case, the case took a series of twist and turns as the family hid behind Mexico’s complex and difficult legal system in an effort to keep the children. 

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