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Close Protection

Corporations, Small Businesses and Private individuals face an ever-increasing threat from terrorists, criminals, racists and the mentally unstable. When a situation such as kidnapping, assassination, blackmail, industrial espionage and publicity arises, the need for Close Protection is paramount.

Security trained Chauffeurs and Security Drivers are an important part of any Close Protection team. Not only being able to transport the client from one place to another, but they are also trained to react quickly and safely to move the client out of immediate danger if a situation should arise.

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

Our surveillance services are employed in Corporate, Individual and Legal information gathering such as marital disputes, fraud and counter industrial espionage. Our personnel are highly skilled in physical & electronic surveillance techniques, using the latest in state of the art technology and communication equipment. We can undertake surveillance operations ranging from static covert surveillance to teams of mobile operatives, with the ability to gather information from a wide array of sources such as voice recorders, camcorders, digital photography and others.

Protective surveillance is often used for sensitive situations such as the protection of spouses and children, where the overt attention of a Close Protection officer or team would not be conducive to their lifestyles or especially for at-risk teenagers who do not wish for their friends and peers to know that they are being protected.

Security specialists such as Close Protection and Executive Protection officers are often referred to as “Bodyguards”,  but the modern day Close Protection officer needs to be more than just the old fashioned “Bodyguard”. Executives and Media personalities no longer tolerate the stereotypical untrained “giant” when it comes to personal safety. Requiring their personal security operatives to be well mannered, intelligent and able to discreetly deal with any situation should it arise.

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Executive Protection

Bodyguards and Close protection

The issues of security and threats have changed dramatically over the past years and the need for professional protection has increased.

ABP World Group provides Close Protection services, surveillance and investigation worldwide.Our personnel are discrete and professional, with international training and experience.
ABP World Group is a complete Security service.
Our experience and training gives our organization the capability to operate and assist our clients whenever and wherever they need us.