Bortførte Barn: Barnebortføring fra Norge

Juli 11, 2012

En typisk barnebortføring er når et barn ulovlig tas ut av landet av en av foreldrene, i strid med foreldreansvaret til gjenværende forelder. Et barn kan også bli ulovlig tilbakeholdt etter et lovlig opphold i utlandet (f eks et ferieopphold eller samvær). Reglene for barnebortføring og tilbakeholdelse er de samme, og begrepet ”barnebortføring” omfatter begge forhold. 

I de fleste barnebortføringssaker er det en av foreldrene som bortfører barnet. Begrepet omfatter også de tilfeller der besteforeldre eller en annen slektning bortfører barnet. Dersom barnet er kidnappet av fremmede, eventuelt mot løsepenger, anses det ikke som barnebortføring i denne forstand.

Når barnevernet har overtatt omsorgen for et barn, vil det være en ulovlig bortføring å reise utenlands med barnet uten barnevernets samtykke. Les mer om dette underBortføring fra barnevernet.  Kilde: Justisdept.

Endelig er barnebortføring straffbart for alle – Bortfø 

Inntil nå har det vært et problem å få politiet til å motta anmeldelser av barnebortføring til utlandet. Barnebortføring er ulovlig, men har likevel ikke vært straffbart dersom bortføringen ble begått av forelderen med daglig omsorg.

Politiet har ikke følt seg forpliktet til å motta anmeldelser for forhold som ikke er straffbare, noe som har ført til mye ergrelse og tap av tid i arbeidet med å få barna returnert i henhold til Haagkonvensjonen. Mangelen på politianmeldelser har ofte fått utenlandske domstoler til å tvile på norske myndigheters vilje til å få returnert disse barna.

Regjeringen har hele tiden sagt at de tar barnebortføring meget alvorlig, og…..

Regjeringen har i syv år lovet å stoppe både barnebidrag og trygd til barnebortførere. I mai 2012 greide regjeringen endelig legge til en setning i loven som sier at det er ”ulovlig å bortføre barnet til utlandet også for den barnet bor fast hos.”


Regjeringen viser med dette ingen imponerende prestasjon etter syv års innsats mot barnebortføring, men det er tross alt bedre enn ingenting.

Det er likevel usikkert om noen flere blir straffet for barnebortføring etter lovendringen. Dette fordi Justisdepartementet har skrevet i forarbeidet: “Sjølv om lova opnar for bruk av straff, er det ikkje gitt at strafforfølging er den mest tenlege reaksjonen i den einskilde saka. Departementet framhevar at sivilrettslege sanksjonar normalt er å føretrekkje.”Justisdepartementet har således lagt en føring som gjør straffefrihet til normalen.

De som bortfører norske barn vil fremdeles få overført underholdningsbidrag og barnetrygd fra NAV, på tross av at de har utført handlinger som er både ulovlige og straffbare.

Forbrydelser med Hensyn til Familieforhold: Straffeloven § 216

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The Norwegian Police / SWAT Arrived Utoeya after 55 minutes

OSLO, Norway – Police arrived at an island massacre about an hour and a half after a gunman first opened fire, slowed because they didn’t have quick access to a helicopter and then couldn’t find a boat to make their way to the scene just several hundred yards (meters) offshore. The assailant surrendered when police finally reached him, but 82 people died before

A SWAT team was dispatched to the island more than 50 minutes after people vacationing at a campground said they heard shooting across the lake, according to Police Chief Sveinung Sponheim. The drive to the lake took about 20 minutes, and once there, the team took another 20 minutes to find a boat.

Footage filmed from a helicopter that showed the gunman firing into the water added to the impression that police were slow to the scene. They chose to drive, Sponheim said, because their helicopter wasn’t on standby.

“There were problems with transport to Utoya,” where the youth-wing of Norway’s left-leaning Labor Party was holding a retreat, Sponheim said. “It was difficult to get a hold of boats.”

At least 82 people were killed on the island, but police said four or five people were still missing.

Divers have been searching the surrounding waters, and Sponheim said the missing may have drowned. Police earlier said there was still an unexploded device on the island, but it later turned out to be fake.

The attack followed the explosion of a bomb packed into a panel truck outside the building that houses

Time 17.26.17: Nordre Buskerud Police District will first report of shooting at Utoeya.17.30: There is an informal statement to police in Oslo.Kl 17.38: There is a formal statement to the Oslo police, and emergency squad will bedirected to Utoeya.

Kl 18.25: Emergency Squad will land at Utoeya.

Kl 18.27: Behring Breivik surrender without resistance.

From Piers Morgans Twitter:
Piers Morgan
piersmorgan Piers Morgan
And talking of scandals, this inhuman psychotic killer can only be jailed for a maximum of 21 years under Norwegian law? SERIOUSLY???
Piers Morgan
piersmorgan Piers Morgan
Post 9/11 it’s the job of every country’s security services to ‘think the unthinkable’ and be prepared. Particularly those engaged in wars.
Piers Morgan
piersmorgan Piers Morgan
If police/special forces took an hour to respond to an attack like that in UK, there would be outrage. Norway’s PM was due on island too.
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Anders Behring Breivik 2083 A

Anders Behring Breivik

Profile: Anders Behring Breivik Anti-Islamic posts 

The man identified by police in Norway as today’s mass killer is Anders Behring Breivik. A collection of his political thought can be found at the link below. (Excerpt translated by Google.) I doubt Breivik’s actions today will promote his desired political outcomes, in fact quite the opposite.

2010-10-29 14:08:40 … I have worked with the project for 14 years with several projects related to web solutions, have the financial education + two other Bachelor’s degrees, earned my first million as an entrepreneur at the age of 24 and have many friends who today are successful entrepreneurs in most industries. Several of my friends are experts on the development of social networking sites (one of them runs, Norway’s probably the most profitable online communities despite the frayed moral concept).

2009-12-03 01:21:04 … I ran the business a few years while I studied and earned a few million so I could finance a inntektsløs politically active life. I now use these funds to be able to work full time to further develop / promote the Vienna Academy (Vienna school of thought) that Fjordman, Bat Yeor, Spencer + many others have already contributed so much till. The last three years I worked full time with a cultural conservative works that will help to further develop / promote these political doctrines further.

Anyway, I consider the future consolidation of the cultural conservative forces on all seven fronts as the most important in Norway and in all Western European countries. It is essential that we work to ensure that all these 7 fronts using the Vienna school of thought, or at least parts of the grunlag for 20-70 year-struggle that lies in front of us.

The book is called, by the way 2083 and is in English, 1100 pages. [Is this the book? Thanks to a commenter.]

To sums up the Vienna school of thought:

– Cultural Conservatism (anti-multiculturalism)
– [Against] Islamization
– Anti-racist
– anti-authoritarian (resistance to all authoritarian ideologies of hate)
– Pro-Israel/forsvarer of non-Muslim minorities in Muslim countries
– Defender of the cultural aspects of Christianity
– Revealing Eurabia project and the Frankfurt School (ny-marxisme/kulturmarxisme/multikulturalisme)
– Is not an economic policy and can collect everything from socialists to capitalists

Frankfurt School (kulturmarxisme) is a very ambitious unofficial ideology (and quite unknown to most) and they have succeeded in most areas (except to smash capitalism, European Christianity and European identity, traditions, culture). Vienna school is more a defense against this where we often use the Marxist ‘own creations against them (sexual liberation, feminism, liberalism, anti-racism, anti-autoriære arguments).

Vienna school of thought is far from a complete ideology but consists of principles and ideas that are constantly under development. It is unofficial and does not necessarily ever to be recognized.

For more on Fjordman and what is referred to as the Vienna School, see here and here. Vienna here refers to the 1683 Battle of Vienna, which turned back the Ottoman Empire from conquest of Europe.

More discussion here by “Anders B.” (Google translation):

Anders Behring wrote 28 January, 2010. 11:52 p.m.
It essential that many people forget is that today’s political “main game” is no longer deals with socialism vs. capitalism but rather Nationalism (cultural conservatism) Vs. internationalism (kulturmarxisme / multiculturalism). And it is this struggle that engages the most, according to opinion polls (the fear of further Islamization).

Anders B. wrote 29 January, 2010. 0:14
The tragedy of the whole situation is that to some extent understand this cowardice. Kulturmarxistene have complete control over the media and they will not be merciful to the first future cultural conservative “pioneers” from the Conservatives who publicly flagging opposition to the multiculturalism wonderful view of the world. We are well aware of the very ugly rule techniques they actively use, where their main goal is often attempted character killing of these “dissidents”.

Anders B. wrote 30 January, 2010. 2:50 p.m.
I do not think you quite understand what multiculturalism is (or maybe you do not dare to admit it to yourself). Multiculturalism, political doctrines. The ongoing Islamization is only a symptom and not the cause of our growing problems. The main problem for most European nations is that they are suffering an increasing level of cultural, ideological and structural weaknesses.

The main reason for this is the last decades of the implementation of multiculturalism fantastic political doctrines. Multiculturalism is designed to deconstruct European culture, traditions, Christianity, identity, and even nation states.

Multiculturalism stripper’s why the cultural defense mechanisms that have resulted that we are so vulnerable. The absence of nationalist (cultural conservatives) political doctrines have ensured this. Political parties that support multiculturalism (anti-nasjonalisme/anti-kulturkonservatisme) is directly responsible for ensuring that we have ended up in this situation. The problem does not stop there, every political party and individuals who actively criticize the multiculturalism wonderful doctrines are labeled and stigmatized by the media and the public.

It is an illusion that multiculturalism is about tolerance. This ideology is primary goal is to deconstruct the majority.

To quote Hylland Eriksen:

“The main task now consists in deconstructing the majority and do it thoroughly so that it can never be called the majority anymore.”

Political correctness is synonymous with multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is kulturmarxisme!

You should read more about this here:

You should also go to read the publications of the various political theorists (many of which are demigudene to today’s Norwegian Marxists) and you will understand the scope of kulturmarxisme in today’s society.

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Begging for his life: Chilling image of terrified teenager pleading for mercy from ‘neo-Nazi’ killer standing astride bodies

Source: The Daily Mail

  • ‘He yelled out that he was going to kill us all and that we must all die,’ says survivor shot in the back
  • Police chief says 4 or 5 people still missing at scene camp massacre.
  • Death toll rises to 92 after discovery of another body on island
  • Suspect bought SIX tonnes of fertiliser two months ago
  • Witnesses describe attacks in different parts of the island
  • 32-year-old man is charged with terror offences
  • Suspect is member of Swedish Nazi forum which encourages attacks on government buildings
  • Police still searching island’s surrounding waters for bodies
  • Norwegian media report Breivik set up a Twitter account a few days ago and posted: ‘One person with a belief is equal to 100,000 who have only interests’
  • Norway’s PM who spent many summers on island: ‘My childhood paradise that yesterday was transformed into Hell’

Norway’s Prime Minister said ‘a youth paradise turned into hell’ when a gunman dressed as a police officer killed at least 85 people at a summer camp on an island outside Oslo after blowing up a further seven in the capital.

The death toll rose this afternoon after a further body was found on the island. Early this evening police said 4 or 5 people are still unaccounted for on the island.

It has emerged that the man at the centre of the attack is also a member of a Swedish Nazi forum which encourages attacks on government buildings.

The revelations were revealed by Swedish newspaper Expo who claim Anders Breivik is part of ‘Nordisk’ which has 22,000 members and focuses on political terrorism.

The 32-year-old who has been identified as the suspect by Norwegian media is also said to have anti-Muslim viewed.

Police are searching the blond, blue-eyed man’s flat in Oslo and are still searching the surrounding waters, where people fled the attack.

It has also just been revealed that there is a new bomb alert in the capital and police have reportedly sealed off an area called Solli Plass, an area close to the royal palace.

A spokesman for local police has said that police are continuing to search the area surrounding Utoeya island and said that many of the people who tried to escape by swimming to shore are unaccounted for.

It took investigators several hours to realise the full horror of yesterday’s massacre, which followed an explosion in nearby Oslo that killed seven, set off, police said, by the same suspect.

Desperate plea: A victim of the mass killing can be seen up to his waist in water, his hands in the air – as the gunman stands on the shore, surrounded by bodies

An aerial view of Utoeya Island, Norway, taken a day before the shootings

Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg is flanked by Justice Minister Knut Storberget (left) and State Secretary Hans Kristian Amundsen (second left) as he hugs Labour Youth Wing leader Eskil Pedersen after arriving at a hotel close to the scene of the massacre

Norway’s King Harald speaks to Prime Minister Stoltenberg with the families of survivors

The Norwegian Prime Minister met survivors and families of victims today. He said the he personally knew several of those killed.

He added: ‘To meet the victims and grieving relatives is deeply affecting me. It’s powerful, and my compassion is limitless. On behalf of our country, we wish to express our greatest sympathy with the victims. The entire nation is behind you.

‘A lot of people have told me that they refuse to be scared and that they want to return to Utoeya as soon as possible. We’re a small country but we feel great solidarity with the victims and the presence of the King and Queen conveys the strong support for the people who have lost friends, children, cousins and other relatives. One of the greatest aspects of this country has been showcased today and we’ll do anything to extend our help and empathy.’

It has also emerged that the suspect bought six tonnes of fertiliser in May.

Farming supply company Felleskjopet in Rena, Hedmark, confirmed that Anders Breivik had placed the order under a company he owned called Breivik Geofarm.

A spokesman confirmed the 32-year-old had access to large amounts of fertilizer and that it wasn’t unusual.

‘These are goods that were delivered on May 4,’ Oddny Estenstad, a spokeswoman at agricultural supply chain Felleskjoepet Agri, told Reuters, without giving the exact type of fertiliser purchased.

‘It was 6 tonnes of fertiliser, which is a small, normal order for a standard agricultural producer. I do not know him or the company, except that it is a company that has contacted us in a normal manner and ordered fertiliser and had it delivered,’ she said.

Police detained a second man today who was accused of carrying a knife outside a hotel where Norway’s prime minister was meeting families of shooting victims.

The man told reporters he was a member of the Labor Party’s youth wing and was carrying a knife ‘because I feel unsafe’.

The country’s media are reporting that Breivik set up a Twitter account few days ago and posted: ‘One person with a belief is equal to 100,000 who have only interests’

Oslo police spokeswoman Carol Sandbye told the BBC: ‘He has been charged with two counts of terrorism. They have just started to interrogate him.’

She said he would have to appear in court within three days.

A police official says the gunman is co-operating. He said: ‘He is clear on the point that he wants to explain himself.’

Read the entire story and see more pictures here: The Daily Mail

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At least 85 dead in Norway youth camp attack

Premier says ‘my youth paradise’ has turned into ‘hell’; police say suspect’s website indicates he was a right-wing, Christian fundamentalist

OSLO, Norway — A suspected right-wing Christian gunman in police uniform killed at least 85 people in a ferocious attack on a youth summer camp of Norway’s ruling Labour party, hours after a car bomb killed seven in Oslo.


Police said the suspect immediately surrendered when told to do so and has confessed, Reuters reported.

Witnesses said the gunman, identified by police as a 32-year-old Norwegian, moved across the small, wooded Utoya holiday island on Friday firing at random as young people scattered in fear.

Police detained the tall, blond suspect, named by local media as Anders Behring Breivik, and charged him for the island killing spree and the Oslo bomb blast.

Norwegian police would neither confirm nor deny if the killer acted alone, but were looking into reports of a second suspect.

Norway’s national news agency, NTB, reported Saturday that witnesses told police two people were involved in the shooting on the island, which lasted for about 90 minutes.

At the time of the massacre, hundreds of children were on the island, aged from 11 or 12 to 18 or 19.

National police Chief Oystein Maeland said the attack had reached “catastrophic dimensions.”

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, capturing the shock the attacks have caused in this normally quiet nation of 4.8 million, said he had been to the island every summer since 1979, saying “my youth paradise, and now it’s been changed to hell,” according to a simultaneous translation provided by Sky News.

Deputy Police Chief Roger Andresen would not speculate on the man’s motives but told a news conference: “He describes himself as a Christian, leaning toward right-wing Christianity, on his Facebook page.”

Story: Suspect in deadly Norway attacks charge

“As of now we have 84 dead at Utoeya,” Andresen said. “In Oslo, with the explosion and the impact it had, we are not yet sure if that number is final. At Utoeya, the water is still being searched for more victims.”

On Saturday, Stoltenberg, Norway’s King Harald, Queen Sonja and Crown Prince Haakon arrived at a hotel where survivors and family members are staying to attempt to comfort them.

After meeting survivors, Stoltenberg said Norwegian officials were working with foreign intelligence agencies to see if there there was any international involvement in attacks.

Read the entire story here: MSNBC

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Terrorsiktet kjøpte seks tonn kunstgjødsel på Felleskjøpet – Anders Behring Breivik

(VG Nett) Selskapet Geofarm, som ble opprettet av Anders Behring Breivik (32), kjøpte seks tonn gjødsel 4. mai i år.

Firmaet ble opprettet våren 2009, og skal ifølge beskrivelsen drive med dyrking av grønnsaker, rot og knollvekster.

Da Felleskjøpet ble klar over at Breivik hadde handlet varer hos dem på butikken på Rena, kontaktet de politiet.

– Vi har solgt seks tonn med kunstgjødsel til ham. Dette er varer som ble levert fjerde mai. Det som ble levert er standardprodukter som er helt vanlig for en grønnsaksprodusent, sier kommunikasjonsdirektør Oddny Estenstad i Felleskjøpet til VG Nett.

Flere internasjonale terroranslag er utført ved hjelp av bomber hvor kunstgjødsel er blandet med diesel. Også i Bandidos-bomben i Drammen i 1997, ble det brukt en blanding av kunstgjødsel og diesel.

Estenstad sier at dette ble sett på som en ordinær leveranse til et firma som angivelig produserte grønnsaker, og det var ingenting spesielt som gjorde at de fattet mistanke.

– Alle våre produkter er lovlige, og det er ingen restriksjoner på salg av kunstgjødsel, sier hun til VG Nett.

Breivik meldte offisielt flytting til småbruket på Rena for én måned siden. Firmaet ble flyttet til hedmarksadressen i april – en måned før han oppsøkte det lokale felleskjøpet og gikk til storinnkjøp av kunstgjødsel.

Les hele saken her: VG Nett

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At least 91 killed in shootings and bomb blast in Norway

(VG Nett) At least 84 people are killed in a massacre at a youth camp only hours after a deadly bomb blast in central Oslo.

Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, 32, has been arrested after the two attacks.

He is said to be linked with right-wing political activists but the motive for the two attacks is still unknown.

Late Friday night Special Forces raided Breiviks apartment in Oslo. The 32-year-old man will be questioned by the police Saturday.

Youth camp

The first reports of the massacre on Utøya, an island outside of Oslo, came around 18.25 PM Friday.

According to a witness the gunman identified himself as a police officer offering help, before he opened fire and started killing people.

Almost 700 young members of the Labour Party were at the island for an annual youth camp.

It took a while for the police to realise the full extent of the massacre. At a press conference Saturday morning confirm that at least 84 people are killed in the shootings at the island.

Some of the youth tried to swim to safety to escape the gunman.
The death toll is may rise even more as rescue workers search the water around the island.

Yesterday police said they also found explosives in a car on the island.


The shootings on Utøya came only hours after a bomb exploded outside a government building in central Oslo at 3.26 PM Friday.

Read more at VG Nett

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Oftest mor som bortfører, og mødre belønnes for selvtekten

Av: Kjell Schevig, Bortfø

Det er oftest mor som bortfører barn, og nå vil Justisdepartementet endre loven, slik at også hovedomsorgspersonen skal kunne straffeforfølges, skriver Aftenposten 13.07.11. I dag straffes ikke foreldre med hovedomsorg, men når foreldre med helgesamvær bortfører barn, risikerer de både fengsel og erstatningsbeløp.

BLD-minister Audun Lysbakken går inn for å stanse både barnetrygd og barnebidrag ved internasjonal barnebortføring. ”Jeg ser at det kan fremstå som en logisk brist at en person på den ene siden etter etterlyst for en straffbar handling, samtidig som staten sender denne personen penger” sier Lysbakken til Aftenposten. Barnetrygden stoppes i dag etter 6 måneder i utlandet, så dette er ikke problemet.

Problemet er underholdningsbidraget som innkreves fra norske foreldre. Samt at NAV forverrer en allerede vanskelig situasjon ved å reklamere for hvordan barnebortførere kan opp justere bidragene hos utenlanske domstoler på sine nettsider. lysbakkenVi kjenner eksempler hvor fedre har fått mangedoblet bidragsutgiftene til barnebortførere, og hvor NAV inndriver pengene i ren torpedostil.

NAV tar ikke hensyn til fedrenes lovfestede rett til midler for eget underhold. Dette fordi fedrene er dømt etter loven i landet barna deres er bortført til og er derfor, i følge NAV, ikke beskyttet av norsk lov. Slik kan altså norske borgere bli rettsløse i eget land, kun fordi noen har stålet barna deres. Kjønnsdiskriminering ved barnebortføring Når norske barn bortføres til utlandet er det bortførerens kjønn, og kjønn alene, som er avgjørende for om forsørgerplikten følges opp eller ei.

Norske fedre må betale underholdningsbidrag til barnebortførere, mens mødre slipper. NAV vet ikke noe om bortførte barns livssituasjon i utlandet, siden norske myndigheter har ikke noe system for å innhente informasjon om bortførte barn. Likevel hevder NAV at hensynet til barnets beste ligger til grunn for deres praksis. NAV fremskaffer ikke barnebortførernes inntektsopplysninger, så man vet heller ikke hvilke barn som har størst forsørgelsesbehov.

NAV Utlands bidragspraksis fører til at det finnes barn med allerede velsituerte mødre som får unormalt høye underholdningsbidrag, mens barn bortført av sine fedre, som kanskje lever i fattigdom, ikke gis noen rett til underhold. NAV benekter imidlertid at kjønnsdiskriminering foregår, men er samtidig ikke villig til å gi innsyn i saker som kan opplyse om forholdet. Likestillings- og diskrimineringsombudet gransker nå NAV sin bidragspraksis for tredje gang.

Allerede i 2005 påpekte daværende Likestillingsombud Kristin Mile at bidragssystemet medfører forskjellsbehandling av menn, men ingenting er gjort for å endre systemet.

Les hele artikelen her: Bortfø

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Økonomisk Kriminalitet – Nordmenn lures for 100 talls millioner hvert år !!

Nordmenn lures hvert år til å innvestere store beløp i utenlanske firma. De lokkes med eventyrlige avkastninger og fagre løfter om rask profitt. De fleste taper alt.


«Karl» betalte en million for aksjer som ikke finnes

Kona aner ingenting om at «Karl» er lurt for en million lånte kroner, og at de to risikerer å miste leiligheten sin.

En kvinnestemme kontaktet den staute, rolige forretningsmannen, som har styreverv og fast inntekt, for omkring ett år siden. Hun lokket med investeringer med en fortjeneste på 100 prosent, og inviterte til en samtale med hennes overordnede dagen etter. Kort tid seinere var «Karl» blitt investor.

– Totalt har jeg investert en million, sier «Karl» til Dagbladet i dag.

– Det siste beløpet jeg overførte var 85 000,-. Det er jo mye penger i seg selv, men i forhold til millionen blir det lite. For ei stund tilbake kunne jeg trukket meg ut, men nå har jeg brukt så mye penger på dette at det er vanskelig bare å gi opp.

Kan miste boligen

Han har utvidet lånet sitt i banken til det maksimale, med pant i leiligheten han og kona bor i. Verken kona eller familien aner noen verdens ting om «Karl»s økonomiske situasjon. Sjefen er informert – og har selv lånt ham et sekssifret beløp som er overført til svindlerne.

– Kona stoler vel mer på meg mer enn jeg fortjener. Jeg skulle vært pensjonist nå, men ser ingen annen utvei enn å fortsette i jobb. En gang må vi vel flytte ut fra leiligheta, det vil dekke utgiftene.

Selskapet sier de holder til i Tokyo, pengene er overført til kontoer på Kypros og i USA.

Les hele historien her: Dagbladet

De fem flaggs teori:

Svindlerne opererer ofte med fem ulike baser: 

• Jobber i land 1- f.eks. Hong Kong, Malaysia Kina

  • • Har kunder i land 2 – f.eks. Norge
  • • Har produkter i land 3
  • • Mottar betaling til land 4 – skatteparadiser som Bermuda, Malta, Caymans Islands
  • • Bor i land 5


Dette tilbyr svindlerne:• Fondsparing

  • • Pensjonssparing
  • • Livsforsikring
  • • Sparekontoer (i falske internettbanker)
  • • Aksjer
  • • Aksjer OTC
  • • Obligasjoner
  • • Terminer
  • • Opsjoner
  • • Verdipapirer

Slik beskytter du deg:

• Vær varsom med å oppgi personinformasjon på Internett.• Hold deg til norske, tradisjonelle spareprodukter i de store bankene.

• Er ting for godt til å være sant – er det heller ikke sant. Det er ikke slik at noen ønsker å dele ekstreme  fortjenestemuligheter med vilt fremmede mennesker.

• Det lureste er å kontant avvise  tilbydere som henvender seg til deg pr. telefon eller e-post.

• Hvis du er i tvil, bør du gjøre et søk på Internett for å se om andre kjenner til de som har tatt kontakt med deg

• Kontakt Økokrim eller Kredittilsynet om du tror du er blitt kontaktet av bedragere.

Published by: ABP World Group International Child Recovery Services

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