Secretary of State John Kerry to decide on fate of sexy DJ Angie Vu, who faces extradition for Parental Abduction

February 9, 2016


The fate of a sexy DJ rests in the hands of Secretary of State Kerry.

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry speaks about the Ukraine crisis after his meetings with other foreign ministers in Paris

A Brooklyn federal magistrate judge has ruled that France has met its legal obligation for the extradition of Angie Vu to face parental abduction charges in Paris.

Vu, 32, who bills herself “Asia’s Sexiest DJ,” was arrested at Kennedy Airport on Nov. 4 as she was about to board a flight to China with her 9-year-old daughter, Isabella.

Model Angie Vu


The child’s father was awarded legal custody of the girl by a French court, and Vu had failed to return their daughter to him on a prearranged date.

Magistrate Judge Viktor Pohorelsky wrote in his decision that it is beyond his jurisdiction to address Vu’s claims she was a victim of domestic violence.

The State Department must approve any extradition.

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Rep. Chris Smith implores John Kerry to help Bindu Philips recover her abducted children from India

March 3 , 2015

Source: americanbazaaronline

WASHINGTON, DC: Bindu Philips, a resident of Plainsboro, New Jersey, has spent the past seven years battling overwhelming odds in an effort to be reunited with her children, who were effectively kidnapped by then-husband Sunil Jacob and “brainwashed” into ceasing all contact with her mother while on a trip to India.

Bindu Philips

The last contact Philips had with her twin sons in any way, shape, or form was three years ago.

“I’m longing to see my children,” Philips, 44, said in an interview to The Times of Trenton. “I really hope I will be reunited with them soon.”

Read the earlier story done by The American Bazaar:

Mother in New Jersey, father, twin boys in India: US, India could be headed for another diplomatic tussle

Congressman Chris Smith took the fight directly to Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been sharply questioned regarding childhood abduction cases in India by lawmakers on Capitol Hill this week.

“Did you raise child abduction with an emphasis on specific cases, like Bindu Philips, when you met with Modi in early January? What was Mr. Modi’s response,” Republican Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey pointedly inquired.

“Bindu won full custody of the children in our American courts,” Smith stated, noting that Indian authorities have simply chosen to ignore that fact. “She testified before my subcommittee two years ago, and this past Monday I met with her again and she pleaded that you, Mr. Secretary, help her get her kids back.”

John Kerry US

Kerry failed to comment directly on the Philips case when responding: “We have a caseload of about a thousand international parental abduction cases, and we are trying to expand the Hague abduction convention to efforts throughout the world.”

“We have approximately 75 professionals who are full-time, assisting parents with respect to this horrendous plight that they face,” he added.

International child abductions re-emerged in the public consciousness a few months ago when President Barack Obama signed the Sean and David Goldman International Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act. The legislation authorizes the State Department to take a series of acute measures against India or any other country that does not facilitate the expeditious return of an American child held there.

A few years ago Rep. Smith described India as “a source of immense frustration and grief for American parents.” He also stated individuals who tried to utilize India’s judicial system for the return of abducted children reported “corruption and incessant delays.”

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Parental Kidnapping – Now a Global Issue

May 27, 2013

Source: Boston Herald

On International Missing Children’s Day, marked May 25th, we remembered the thousands of missing children and the parents who grieve and plead for help. Since 2008, more than 7,000 American children have been abducted to a foreign country — not by a stranger, but by their other parent.


Such children are at risk of serious emotional and psychological problems and may experience anxiety, eating problems, nightmares, mood swings, sleep disturbances, aggressive behavior, resentment, guilt and fearfulness.

Members of Congress have seen the lopsided battles our constituents face to bring their children home from a foreign jurisdiction. Michael Elias, a combat-injured Iraqi veteran from New Jersey, has not held his children since 2008, when his ex-wife used her Japanese consulate connections to abduct Jade and Michael Jr. in violation of New Jersey court orders. Japan has refused to return the children or prosecute the abductor.

Elias told Congress, “All my hopes and dreams for their future now lie in the hands of others. … I am begging our government to help not only my family, but hundreds of other heartbroken families as well, to demand the return of our American children who are being held in Japan.”

Colin Bower’s children, Noor and Ramsay, were abducted from their home in Boston to Egypt nearly four years ago by their mother — who had lost custody because of her drug use and psychological problems. The Egyptian government facilitated the abduction by issuing fraudulent Egyptian passports, providing passage on the government-owned airline, and by shielding the mother, who comes from a well-connected family, from any accountability or responsibility.


At a recent hearing Bower noted the billions of dollars in U.S. assistance to Egypt and observed, “Regardless of whatever moral, fiscal, or political balance you use, providing uninterrupted aid to a partner that acts this way is quite simply wrong. If this is American foreign policy, it’s flawed and it isn’t working. We aren’t getting what we pay for.”

Tragically, the Obama administration has limited itself to diplomatic requests for the return of the children. In the words of Bernard Aronson, former assistant secretary of state of inter-American affairs, “a diplomatic request for which there is no real consequence for refusal is simply a sophisticated form of begging.”

It is time for a new approach. That is why we have introduced H.R. 1951, the Sean and David Goldman Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act of 2013, which will give the president powerful tools to motivate a country’s quick response for the return of abducted children.

If a country has 10 or more cases not being resolved in a timely manner, or the judiciary, or law enforcement, or other responsible entity is persistently failing to fulfill their obligations, the president can take action to aggressively advocate for our children’s return — such as denying certain assistance, canceling cultural exchanges, opposing international loans, or extraditing the abductor.

This bill creates the expectation of action — not just words — to bring every American child home. In the words of then-Senator and now Secretary of State John Kerry at the 2012 passage of a Senate resolution calling for the return of the Bower children, we must “remain focused like a laser beam until this father is reunited with his two boys,” and every other abducted American child comes home. We can, and must, do more than talk.

U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R) represents New Jersey’s 4th District.


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Abducted: Man sees sons in Egypt after abduction by ex-wife


CAIRO, Jan. 17 (UPI) — A U.S. man visited his two sons in Cairo during the weekend, the first time he had seen them since they were abducted by his ex-wife .

Colin Bower was granted full custody of his children in 2008 after his divorce from ex-wife Mirvat El Nady. Using fake Egyptian passports she kidnapped the boys in New York and brought them to Cairo, the Egyptian Bikya Masr news agency reported.

Egypt has no legal arrangement with the U.S. in matters of parental abduction, and it was six months of diplomatic negotiation, aided by U.S. Senator John Kerry, which provided Bower a chance to see his sons Noor, 7, and Ramsy, 9.

He called the 90-minute visit a “godsend.” U.S. Embassy officials and his ex-wide were present to observe the visit.

Bower said he suspects his ex-wide and her family were protected by former president Mubarak’s regime, allowing his sons to stay in Egypt with their mother. In 2009 he took legal action against the airline EgyptAir for their failure to notice his ex-wife and sons used false identification when they flew out of New York.

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