Bioengineering professor charged with felony parent abduction

May 24, 2013

Source: Stanford Daily

Annelise Barron, associate professor of bioengineering, has been charged with felony parent abduction after being arrested in Hawaii on Dec. 24, 2012, and extradited to California about two weeks later. She is currently out on bail.


According to authorities, Barron, her three children and their nanny left for the Hawaiian island of Kauai on Dec. 17 without notifying the children’s fathers. Due to the trip, Barron missed a court date with Judson Butler, the father of their infant son, on Dec. 17 and a family court appearance on Dec. 18 with Theodore Jardetzky ’82, professor of structural biology and Barron’s estranged husband.

“Given that [Barron]… completely stopped using [her] cellphone… we strongly believed that Barron’s intention was to flee with the kids and shut off all possible contact with Jardetzky and Butler,” wrote Detective Anjanette Holler of the Palo Alto Police Department in a report.

Barron’s live-in nanny, Sonia Audino, faces three counts of depriving a lawful custodian of right to custody and one count of child abduction. Bail was originally set at $500,000 but Barron’s was dropped to $100,000 and Audino’s to $55,000.

“I’m a tenured professor– I love my job, and I find it amazing that anyone would think I’d run away and not think I’d be detected,” Barron told the Palo Alto Weekly.

Barron has yet to enter a plea.

Authorities believe Barron intended to flee to Kauai in part because of alleged moving activity out of her Palo Alto apartment on Dec. 17. At an All Aboard Mini Storage site, an employee reported seeing a woman matching Barron’s description acting “frantic and hurried.”

University spokeswoman Lisa Lapin declined to comment on specific personnel matters.

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