International Parental Child Abduction – Child Recovery Services, a necessary evil?

January 23, 2014

“We agree with some of the systems governments have in place to prevent and fight these family disputes, they do work on many different levels and in some cases have great results.


We only exist to help those who have been effected by the failures within the system, mainly due to a conflict in laws or procedures from other governments. These flaws can prevent a parent from any access to their children and even lock them out of pursuing a court case.

Desperate parents turn to us only because they have no where else to turn. We find that it is our responsibility to help those who have no one else to turn to. We do our best in helping these families but we are not miracle workers, sometimes we fail due to difficult circumstances but no one can match the numbers of abducted children that we have achieved to bring home safely during the last 12 years.
«After all my years of experience as Worldwide Medical Director for the worlds largest medical assistance company, I found only ABP World Group capable of providing the unique service of non-violent recovery of an abducted child»
It is very difficult to find a company like ABP World that can provide the experience, honesty, integrity, and assets to actually recover an abducted child safely and at a reasonable cost. I hold ABP World in highest regard and recommend them wholeheartedly. The world is simply a better place because of the work they do. – R. Weston

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It is understandable that some concerns are raised about parents using a private security firm, the majority of these parents have no other options left except give up their children and be at risk to never seeing them again. In the last 5 years parental abductions have risen dramaticly, the success of Hague applications is only 3-5%, and the actual success of courts enforcing the Hague applications is less.


The tools that are in place are dated and need to be modernized to ensure a fair return of children to their place of origin so parents can mediate and do whats best for the actual victim, the children.

It is a great misconception that a child abducted by a parentis a safe child” – Martin Waage, ABP World Group

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