France files extradition request for Angie Vu, DJ jailed in Brooklyn after arrest for parental kidnapping

January 4, 2016


French authorities voulez Vu.


France has filed a formal request with the feds to extradite Asia’s sexiest DJ, Angie Vu, to Paris where she faces parental kidnaping charges, the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s office disclosed.

Vu was arrested Nov. 4 at Kennedy Airport as she was about to board a flight to China with her 12-year-old daughter who she failed to return to the child’s father.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ryan Harris notified a Brooklyn judge Thursday that the official extradition request was made to the State Department within 60 days of Vu’s arrest. The extradition request now disqualifies her from being released on bail due to an international treaty covering extradition arrangements.


Vu, 32, who has posed for Playboy and appeared on America’s Got Talent, has been cooling her heels at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn while the international legal process dragged along.

Magistrate Judge Viktor Pohorelsky said on Dec. 21 that he was “troubled by the slow pace” of the legal proceedings but refused to release Vu on bail even after the New York consul of the Republic of Vietnam went to bat for her.

“Because Vu poses a substantial risk of flight and faces a potentially substantial prison term, the government respectfully submits that Vu has not demonstrated by clear and convincing evidence that she would be granted bail in France,” Harris argued in court papers.


The Vietnamese-born Vu failed to return her daughter, Isabella, to the girl’s biological father on Aug. 29 after a summer vacation in the U.S., according to court papers. Vu informed the baby daddy, , that she would be taking the child to Vietnam for one year.


Froger, who has legal custody of the girl, obtained a warrant for Vu’s arrest — which she hoped would have been dropped because the child has since been reunited with her father.

The prosecutor said Vu could face up to three years in prison if convicted of the charges, but federal defender Mia Eisner-Grynberg has said that it is unlikely a French judge would sentence her to jail.

“I can be in the most luxurious places and enjoy the highlights, but I can also be left in a desert alone fighting to survive,” Vu told the Daily News in December. “Whatever comes my way, I will deal with it.”

An extradition hearing will be held next week in Brooklyn Federal Court.

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