Cross-border child abduction case may be coming to an end as girl comes forward

May 12, 2015

Souce: Washington post by Lindsey Bever

Last month in Guanajuato, Mexico, a 14-year-old was pulled — kicking and screaming — from her school, turned over to Interpol officers and flown more than 700 miles to Houston. Federal authorities in Mexico thought she was a girl who had been taken from a woman in Texas eight years earlier. But she wasn’t.

Watch the video here:

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Another girl claiming to be the woman’s actual daughter has now been turned over to authorities, an unnamed official told the Associated Press.

Mexico’s Foreign Ministry first heard about the case in 2007, when Houston resident Dorotea Garcia claimed her daughter, Alondra Diaz, was taken by the girl’s father and moved to Mexico without Garcia’s consent. The ministry got a request urging authorities to send the girl back home. Then this year, Garcia flew to Mexico and said she found her daughter, identifying another girl — Alondra Luna Nunez, Fox News Latino reported.

“I saw my daughter,” Garcia told a Houston TV station, according to the Guardian.

On April 16, Mexican federal agents, acting on a court order, pulled Alondra Luna Nunez from her school. The scene was captured on video, showing the girl screaming, “I am not your daughter,” as she is forced into the back of the car, the Guardian reported. At the time, her parents said, she was mistakenly identified based on a scar on her nose.

“The other girl had a scar, but on the eyebrow, and I have one on my nose. I mean all this was stirred up over that,” Alondra later told the AP. “The judge said, ‘No, it’s her,’ and that was that.”

In the following days, the video showing her seizure was shared widely on social media, eventually prompting the Mexican Foreign Ministry to request a DNA sample.

“The results of the test performed on Monday, April 20, resulted negative in respect to the mother who solicited the girl’s return,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “So an immediate repatriation of the minor was put into effect.”

Alondra Luna Nunez was reportedly put on a flight on April 22 to Mexico City. “They stole my daughter,” the girl’s mother, Susana Nunez told Milenio Television, according to Fox News Latino.

Alondra Diaz’s father, Reynaldo Diaz, had a felony warrant out for his arrest for the alleged abduction eight years ago in Houston. On Monday, his relatives in Michoacan, Mexico, 175 miles from Guanajuato, turned the girl over to authorities, the Houston Chronicle reported, citing Univision. The courts are looking over her paperwork and identification.

“At the beginning, [Reynaldo Díaz] was reluctant,” Juan Manuel Estrada, president of FIND, a Mexico-based organization that helps kidnapped and missing children, told Noticieros Televisa, according to the Latin Times. But eventually “he voluntarily agreed to return the girl,” adding that he is “a hard-working father who has for many years treated [his daughter] with love and care.”

“I hope the authorities simply make sure that this girl is truly her, that they have the right girl, Susana Nunez told the AP. If it turns out to be the right girl, “I’m happy for her and her mother.”

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