WhittingtonCari.com launched to allow people to understand the truth behind notorious Child Abduction gang leader Adam Whittington


It seems that Mr. Adam Whittington CEO of CARI and Project Rescue Children (PRC) is being called out.  He has been on a hate mission against anyone that he fears may be taking away his business for many years now.  Adam Whittington has posted slanderous  statements against those he considers “foes” for many years and the evidence is posted on a new website that has links to proof of all of the claims made by it.

Mr. Whittington has notoriously posted defamatory statements against the individuals behind this site as well as his previous clients, attorney’s, and even people he considers “friends.”

This site is being shared not in an attempt to in anyway discredit Adam Whittington or his company Child Abduction Recovery International.  With the evidence the site shares, Mr. Whittington has done that for himself.  If you investigate you’ll see that he has been accused of rape, faking recoveries, threatening people, making slanderous comments, & libeling anyone that attempts to bring his antics to the public and he does it in a way that is no only unprofessional, but done using some of the foulest language you can imagine.

It is shocking to see a man claiming to be a savior of children acting in such a fashion.  There are many well known accounts of his cowboy behavior during another failed recovery attempt in Lebanon but all of the information has now been linked in one place.

Adam Whittington is reported to have been arrested 3 times during recovery attempts where he broke international law.  These accounts are all available on the site and his incredibly violent methods are not something that should be acceptable to anyone stating they are fighting for the rights of a child or their parents.

For further information on Adam Whittington from the company Child Abduction Recovery International (CARI) please visit – http://www.whittingtoncari.com.

After this site was launched Mr. Whittington attempted to continue this behavior and threaten the web host with law suits based on slander.  The host declined his claims after viewing the site and having their legal team examine if any of his claims were true, but found that the letter he sent was not only untrue but seemed to be an erroneous cut and paste job of another letter he sent previously refuting the same claims made by another individual he must have attacked.

The website authors have also requested that  “If you have any grievances arising out of dealing with Adam Whittington or CARI please feel free to contact us through the comments sections of this blog.  All comments will be treated in strict confidence and will not be published without your written consent..”  If you have any information to help the paint this true and correct accounting of Adam Whittington please reach out and share your experiences,


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