USA / Turkey: Woman With Kentucky Ties Fighting For Return Of Daughter In International Custody Dispute

PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (EKB) – An indictment against a Perry County father unsealed for the first time this week, shows a two-year long battle in which a man is accused of taking his daughter to Turkey without her mother’s consent.

East Kentucky Broadcasting reports that a charge of international parental kidnapping has been filed against Michael Gregory McCoy.

McCoy is accused of keeping his daughter in Turkey for over two years, in order to keep the child from her mother, Melinda Riddle McCoy. The charge carries a maximum prison sentence of over three years.

Melinda McCoy, who is originally from Hazard, lives in New York now and has started an online battle for her daughter’s return.

“On September 1, 2015, my daughter’s father took her out of the US without my permission or knowledge. I only became aware after they were long gone. Even after asking his immediate family members, I could not get an exact date of leaving even though they dropped them at the airport. I was only told they were on vacation in the Mediterranean and they did not know his plans or whereabouts but they were sure Emma and her father would return in October,” writes Melinda.

Prosecutors have asked for certified copies of the arrest warrant to be used in extradition proceedings. Melinda McCoy was also granted a full emergency custody order.


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