USA / Russia: Lawyer: US Judge Holding Hostage Russian Woman Who Tried to Protect Her Children


A judge in the US state of Kansas is holding a Russian-born woman “hostage” after she tried to protect her own children from their abusive father, lawyer Kurt Kerns told Sputnik on Thursday.


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Bogdana Mobley — known in Russia by her maiden name Bogdana Osipova — is being held “hostage, with the admonition, ‘give us your children or else,’” lawyer Kurt Kerns said.

The US District Court in Wichita, Kansas, on Thursday denied Kerns’ request to release Mobley from jail on bail. Mobley faces charges of international kidnapping after she violated a court custody order and took her children to Russia.

The judge ruled on Thursday that Mobley could be released only if she brings her children, who are believed to be in Russia, back to the United States, Kerns said.

“And of course she can’t go back to Russia to comply with that order because he just ordered her detained,” Kerns said. “I thought it was an unfair ruling and we’re looking at an appeal right now.”

Mobley contends that she fled the United States with her children to protect them from an abusive father, Kerns said.

US government prosecutors in the case point out that Mobley previously stated in court filings that she left the United States not because of abuse but because she “had no other choice but to temporarily leave,” because the father had stopped paying child support.

She also previously argued in court that she moved to Russia to avoid the “risk of early delivery” as a result of stress caused by the divorce proceedings, US Attorney Thomas Beall said in legal filings.

Kerns said evidence of abuse would be presented at the trial, where a jury of 12 people from the community would decide Mobley’s fate, not a judge.

“I have every intention of winning that trial and proving that she’s innocent. She’s got a right to have her children away from an abusive father,” Kerns told Sputnik.

Mobley’s next court appearance is scheduled for December 12. If convicted, she faces up to three years in US federal prison and a fine up to $250,000 on charges of international parental kidnapping.

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