Canada/EU: New twist in alleged B.C. parental abduction case


There has been a new development in an international child abduction case with roots in British Columbia.

Three-year-old Kaydance Paige Etchells was allegedly abducted by her mother Lauren Ann Etchells last year from Saanich.

Etchells is accused of taking her daughter illegally out of country about a year after her marriage with her wife Tasha Brown fell apart.

Etchells had custody of Kaydence, but Brown had visitation rights and was working towards joint custody.

A dual Canadian-UK citizen, Etchells had been handed a court order in 2015 requiring her to surrender the child’s UK passport and not apply for a Canadian one.

Police allege Etchells lied to Passport Canada last year, obtaining travel documents for the child, and boarded a flight with Kaydence to Gatwick, UK in May 2016.

WATCH: ‘Abduction is just a word to anyone who hasn’t experienced it’: B.C. mom pleads for return of daughter

In June, a Canada-wide warrant was issued for Etchells.

Now, Marco Vandermerwe, a man believed to be Etchells’ new partner, is suspected to be in the Netherlands.

Saanich Police believe he can help locate Kaydance and her mother and are asking anyone with information on where he is to come forward.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding parental abduction to The EU or from Canada, feel free to contact us 24 / 7.  We are always available at or by calling our offices – +1 (805) CHILD-11 (+18052445311)


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