Cyprus: 53 child abduction cases in two years



A total of 53 child abduction cases which involve one of the abducted child’s parents have been recorded over the period of two years in Cyprus. According to local police authorities’ data, 2016 saw 29 such cases take place, while 2015 saw another 24.

According to the same data most cases saw the abduction being conducted by a parent from a third country. Over the past few months the House has discussed the issue twice after recent abductions took place.

As a result of these abductions, the child is usually taken abroad, leaving the Cypriot parent to have to go through complicated and time consuming procedures.

In an effort to help parents who seek to bring their abducted children back to Cyprus, the Justice Ministry has posted a “memo” to the Ministry’s advising parents on such cases.

The aim of the memo, as officials state, is to “guide parents who suspect a possible abduction of a child and advise them on actions that need to be taken to set the state and international institutions in order to locate the child after a possible abduction.

In international abductions cases, the memo explains that the “basic legal tool is the Hague Convention, which the Cyprus Republic has joined”.

As the memo explains, in cases where the child has been taken to one of the 93 countries which have joined the Convention, the competent authority in Cyprus is the Justice Ministry. In cases where the child has been taken to a state which has not joined the Convention, the authority to contact would be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It important in all child abduction cases that the police is informed.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding a child abducted to, or from Cyprus please feel free to contact us 24 / 7.  We are always available at or by calling our offices – +1 (805) CHILD-11 (+18052445311)

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