USA: Parental Alienation Prevention Week: Alabama Mayors To Raise Parental Alienation Awareness Through ‘Bubbles For Love’ Campaign



In recent years, parental alienation alarmed so many family law experts and psychologists due to its rising emergence. Considered a form of abuse, parental alienation could arise from divorce, child custody situations, as well as with intact families.

So, what exactly is parental alienation? According to Shelby County Reporter, it is described as a set of “behaviors and attitudes” displayed by one or both parents that aim “to interfere, damage or destroy” the parent-child relationship or the other. Experts stress parental alienation is considered a form of child abuse due to the fact that it causes emotional trauma to kids.

“Parental alienation is evidenced by the alienating behaviors of a person, such as a parent or family members, or as a result of the judicial system restricting the relationship between a child and a loving parent,” author Steven Calhoun wrote. “Alienation can severely damage or destroy a child’s relationship with a parent.”

Due to the emergence of parental alienation, the publication revealed that Mayor Hollie Cost proclaimed April 23 to 29 as Parental Alienation Week in Montevallo. Cost made the proclamation on April 10, Monday.

As part of the commemoration for the said campaign, the Alabama Family Rights Association has urged the community to join the 10-minute bubble blowing activity called “Bubbles for Love” on April 25 at noon. Aside from Mayor Cost and the City of Montevallo, Mayor Woody Jacobs of the City of Cullman in Alabama also proclaimed the week of April 23-29, 2017 as Parental Alienation Prevention Week, while April 25 is officially the “Bubbles for Love Day” in the city, The Cullman Tribune detailed.

Meanwhile, the most common symptom of parental alienation among children is a “child’s rejection of a loving parent.” As parental alienation continually affects both broken and intact families, some experts suggest shared parenting as a good solution.

In fact, some lawmakers have advocated the shared parenting law like Rep. Larry Haler’s House Bill 1554, which allow divorcing and other parents to have equal rights in all decision-making, as well as equal time to spend with their children, Daily Sun reported.


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