UK: Man arrested on child abduction charges to be returned to Norway




The Norwegian resident who was arrested at the airport on child abduction charges is due to return to Norway. A warrant of committal was granted at the Magistrates’ Court today which 36 year old Mustapha Badri did not oppose. Badri was arrested at Gibraltar airport attempting to travel to Morocco with his 3 year old son who he had taken from Norway without the knowledge and consent of the child’s mother.

He has 15 days to appeal the order however he has indicated he will not do so as he is keen to return to Norway as quickly as possible. The child has been returned to his mother’s care.


Man arrested as he boarded Tangier flight

March 21, 2017

A 36 year old man of dual Norwegian and Moroccan nationality has been arrested by officers of the Royal Gibraltar Police following a request by the Norwegian authorities.

Mustapha BADRI, resident in Norway, was detained as he attempted to board a flight from Gibraltar to Tangier on Thursday the 16th March 2017. His presence was detected by Borders and Coastguard Officers.

BADRI appeared before the Magistrates’ Court yesterday and was remanded in custody pending the consideration of the extradition request.

The Norwegian authorities allege that BADRI abducted his 3 year old son, with whom he was intending to fly to Morocco. The child has been placed in care following the execution of police emergency protection powers, said the RGP.

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