USA / Nicaragua: Nicaraguan National Jailed for Kidnapping Scheme



A Nicaraguan man convicted of conspiracy to commit international parental kidnapping has been sentenced to eight months in prison by a U.S. district judge.

Timothy Miller, 40, of Nicaragua, conspired in 2009 to help co-defendant Lisa Miller flee the U.S. to Nicaragua with her daughter in order to prevent Miller’s lesbian partner, Janet Jenkins, from ever seeing the child, according to the Department of Justice.

Timothy bought the plane tickets for Lisa Miller and her daughter; taking them to Toronto, Canada, on to Nicaragua, where she and her child eventually arrived. Timothy helped Lisa Miller in finding a home and getting financial assistance.

While Timothy Miller has been convicted for his role in the case, Lisa Miller’s charges are currently pending, as she and her daughter’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Timothy Miller’s conviction and sentencing comes after an extensive investigation by the Vermont Office of the United States Marshal’s Service and the Vermont Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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