Instruction Manual Details Kidnapping Techniques

October 28, 2016


JERUSALEM, Israel – Israeli security forces came across an instruction manual for Gaza-based terrorists detailing the art of kidnapping Israelis. It’s not the first ever discovered, but the meticulous details reveal a new level of sophistication.


Security forces discovered the manual on a suspect’s computer, Israel Hayom reported, quoting a Channel 10 news segment aired earlier this week.

According to the report, the “abduction manual” guides jihadists on how to successfully kidnap Israelis without being caught.

Suggestions include finding an isolated target away from police stations, IDF bases or checkpoints, with multiple escape roots and few patrols. Terror cells should choose slim targets for easy transport and should keep the victim sedated at all times.

Terror cells should select optimum times for abductions, preferably at night and not during high security alerts. Inclement weather and natural disasters are a good time to strike, according to the manual, and kidnappers should make every effort to “blend in with their surroundings and speak Hebrew with people around them.”

The manual even suggests avoiding times when global attacks are grabbing all the media attention.

Cell members must be physically fit, experienced in hand-to-hand combat, and have prior experience in carrying out terror attacks.

“The place where the captive is held must be spacious and have many rooms so not to arouse the landlord or neighbors’ suspicions,” while kidnappers should “be sure to provide sufficient logistical equipment for the captive’s imprisonment, including food, water and clothing, as well as sedatives to keep the captive in a constant state of sleep,” Israel Hayom reported.

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