Angie Vu, “Asia’s sexiest DJ,” will be taken by U.S. marshals and handed off to French police at Kennedy Airport

August 22, 2016


Last chance to see ‘Asia’s Sexiest DJ’ Angie Vu before she’s extradited to France.

Angie Vu, “Asia’s sexiest DJ,” will be taken by U.S. marshals from a Brooklyn jail Thursday and handed off to French police at Kennedy Airport who will accompany the bombshell beauty to Paris to face parental kidnapping charges.


Vu spent more than nine months in jail while she fought extradition, claiming French authorities had wrongly granted full custody rights to her daughter’s biological father.

She was arrested on a warrant last November as she and her now 10-year-old daughter Isabella were about to board a flight to China at JFK with one-way tickets.

The Daily News has chronicled Angie’s time behind bars as the international celebrity struggled to keep her sanity and stay in shape in the bleak cell block.

“My daughter doesn’t know that I’m going to be in France,” Vu told The News. “She has no idea that I’ve been in prison. She has no idea what’s happening to her mom.”

She continued: “All I want is to get my daughter back.”

It’s likely that Vu will be able to apply the time served here to whatever sentence she may get if she’s convicted of the criminal charge.


“Sure it was a hell of an experience and definitely not the most beautiful place or beautiful people to be with, but only the person who has experienced the worst is capable of feeling ultimate bliss,” she said.

Vu’s post-prison plans are far removed from the average inmate. She has been working on a hip hop song influenced by the music and “the Brooklyn accent” she was exposed to at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

“I’m planning to go soul searching, walking barefoot in some remote villages in India or Africa or Japan after all this,” she said. “I still practice some Zen and meditation to try to find the stillness in the chaos of life.”

Vu’s French lawyer Beryl Brown said her client will not only be fighting for her rights as a parent, but to restore her reputation and dignity which has suffered through the ordeal.

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