Angie Vu is being extradited to France to face parental kidnapping charges

June 24, 2016

Source: Daily Mail

Angie Vu to be extradited to France: ‘Ample evidence’ to send Asia’s sexiest DJ to Paris to face parental kidnapping charges, says judge.


A former Playboy Playmate and ‘Asia’s sexiest DJ’ is to be extradited to Paris to face parental kidnapping charges after a seven month stint in a Brooklyn jail.

Angie Vu, 33, has been locked up after allegedly trying to flee the U.S. with her nine-year-old daughter, who was supposed to be in the custody of her father.

Federal Judge Frederic Block said there was ‘ample evidence’ that Vu had knowingly violated a French family court decree that required her nine-year-old daughter to be in the care of her biological father, who has custody of the child.

The day before her hearing, Vu had appeared before the judge for oral argument, an opportunity she told the New York Daily News was ‘overwhelming’.

But the judge cut her off just minutes in and advised her that her argument for custody of her daughter should be heard by French authorities.

Vietnamese Vu was jailed in November after allegedly trying to fly from John F. Kennedy Airport to China with her daughter Isabella. 

Isabella’s father, Richard Froger, is based in France and has custody of the girl but agreed to allow her to stay with Vu until August 29, but Vu is accused of breaking that agreement by boarding the plane.


During her time spent in jail, Vu claimed that she had been ‘tortured’, calling the lack of a full-length mirror ‘cruel’ and branding prison life ‘horrible’.

‘This place is so horrible, there’s no sunlight ever. I have been under the harsh light 24/7 and turned pale,’ Vu told the New York Daily News.

‘I need a good supply of Guerlain’s moisturizer in here. I miss my Versace dresses and Louboutin heels. My nails are nicely trimmed but I’m dying to have some colors on them. The torture is real.

‘There’s no real mirror in prison. We all buy this tiny piece of plastic, but the images are distorted. I wish there should be at least one full-length mirror in here. I haven’t looked at myself for months. It’s cruel.’

Vu, who has previously said she has had to repeatedly turn down the advances of lesbian inmates, said being jailed had taken a huge toll on her life.

‘[I’ve gone] From extremely proud and confident getting naked for Playboy to shaking, sobbing in humiliation to do hundreds of strip search for contraband,’ she said.

‘Last year became the dark year of my life. I had abandoned my jobs, my fans and pushed away all other fabulous hungry men and all the young sexy model boys that were chasing me.

‘I’m not supposed to be worried about anything. It gives me wrinkles.’

Vu said her legions of fans have sent in a huge haul of gifts, from teddy bears to flowers and even lingerie, but it has all been returned because it is contraband.

Despite her less than luxurious existence, she vowed to continue her legal fight.

‘Do I feel ashamed for being here? The answer is no,’ Vu said.

‘I’m here for a great cause, for protecting my child. This injustice won’t crash my spirit. I’m still rocking and rolling.’

Angie Vu HA DJ

Vu maintains that the Family Court in Paris made a mistake when it awarded custody of their nine-year-old daughter to her biological father.

A judge ruled she should be extradited to France to face the parental kidnapping charges, but she appealed the decision, delaying proceedings until her appeal can be heard.

The lawsuit she filed portrays Mr Froger as a reluctant father who played no part in his daughter’s life until she was seven years old and refused to even acknowledge her until she was five.

The suit, seen by the Daily News, features emails written by Froger after the couple’s fling in which he outright says: ‘I never wanted to have a baby with you.’

‘I still remember when I asked you if you used contraception pills!!!’ Froger is alleged to have written in 2006. ‘So you lied me and I don’t feel guilty about nothing.’

Vu replied: ‘I was sad when i read your email before but now I think its ridiculous that you think I have to use a baby to trick you.

‘First, I’m not the kind of women who r ugly, stupid or uneducated that I cannot get a man.

‘I thought you were a handsome kind gentleman that I had feelings for even though I didn’t expect anything from you as I wrote.’

Vu, who is also a DJ and has appeared on America’s Got Talent, was being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn in an open dormitory with about 100 other female inmates.

She is being held without bail as she is considered a flight risk.

In February she told the Daily News that prison was not as bad as she expected, although the food was disappointing and she kept having to turn down advances from lesbian inmates.

‘A lot of lesbians around here and a few blondies are hitting on me,’ Vu told the paper. ‘But I prefer to read my Bible for now.’

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