‘Asia’s sexiest DJ’ awaits judge’s decision in abduction case

June 24, 2016

Source: New York Post

A Brooklyn federal judge is expected to decide the fate of “Asia’s Sexiest DJ”-turned-embattled mom in the next few days, he said Wednesday at a hearing over her extradition.


A lawyer for brunette stunner Angie Vu argued she should be released on a writ of habeas corpus — and not shipped to France, where she faces child abduction charges — because she didn’t break any laws.

“Her intent was to proceed in court to exercise her parental right,” said Mia Eisner-Grynberg.

Vu, 32, has been locked up at the federal Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn since November, when she was arrested at Kennedy Airport trying to board a flight to China with her daughter after losing a custody battle with the girl’s father.

Vu has argued that the girl’s father, Richard Froger, illegally obtained custody of their daughter — and argued in court Wednesday that she is victim of a double standard.

“They fail to apply the same law to him,” said Vu, dressed in navy blue and white scrubs. “He took my daughter to France for seven months. He did all of that without parental rights.”

But Judge Frederic Block told her: “These arguments would best be made in front of a French court,” and said he’d have a decision on her case in the next “couple of days.”

In February, Brooklyn federal Judge Viktor Pohorelsky signed off on Vu’s extradition, which has been tied up since March when she appealed.

At the Wednesday hearing, prosecutors said Vu should be placed in French custody because there was a court order for her to return the girl to dad Richard Froger.

“She knew of the court order. There is no dispute she failed to follow the court order,” prosecutor Ryan Harris said.

The Vietnamese-born Vu could face about three years in French prison, the lawyers speculated.

Vu, who’s appeared in Playboy, has amassed a huge following spinning records around the globe.

Many of her supporters and pals have filed letters to Judge Frederic Block, who is overseeing the appeals case, in a bid to get her released.

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