Karen Nettleton fails to bring Sharrouf grandchildren back to Australia from Turkey

April 8, 2016

Source: dailytelegraph.com

COUNTER-terorism police today detained Sydney woman Karen Nettleton after she arrived home from Turkey in a failed bid to rescue her grandchildren from an Islamic State stronghold in Syria.

Karen Nettleton.png

Ms Nettleton, who had flown to Abu Dhabi on March 17 en route to Turkey, was questioned by officials at Sydney International Airport before being released.

The children, Zayab, 14, Hoda, 13, Abdullah, 11, Zarqawi, 10, Humzeh, 5, were taken to Syria by notorious jihadist father Khaled Sharrouf killed a months earlier in a drone strike.

They were left orphaned after their mother Tara Nettleton died in September.

Ms Nettleton has indicted she will return to the war-torn country in another desperate bid to bring the children home.–

Nettleton kids.png

Mother of ISIS bride who left five children behind when she was killed in Syria returns home empty-handed from a ‘rescue bid’
  • Karen Nettleton has travelled to Turkey with intentions to go to Syria
  • Ms Nettleton had gone overseas to rescue her five orphaned grandchildren 
  • Daughter Tara married ISIS extremist Khaled Sharouff and moved to Syria
  • She took their five children there but she died in September 2015
  • Also been reported her husband died in June but authorities have doubts 

A woman who travelled to the Middle East to bring home her grandchildren after their mother died has returned home empty handed.

Karen Nettleton, the mother of ISIS bride Tara Nettleton who married Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf had flown to Turkey to try and rescue her five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

However when media broke the story that she had plans to go to Syria via Turkey Ms Nettleton’s plan was quickly foiled, the ABC reported.

She had been hoping to bring home her grandchildren Zaynab, 14; Hoda, 13; Abdullah, 11; Zarqawi, 10; Hamze, 5; and Zaynab’s four-month-old baby Aiyesha.

Ms Nettleton’s daughter, Tara, died in September 2015 at the age of 31 from medical complications following surgery. She followed her terrorist husband Khaled Sharrouf to Syria in 2014, bringing with her their five children.


Sharrouf reportedly died last June, which means the children are now orphans in the strange country. However Australian authorities have raised questions over whether he may still be alive.

After a failed attempt to bring her family home, Ms Nettleton has vowed she will keep trying until they are back in Australia.

‘I’m coming back, I’m not going to leave them here … it might take three, four, five attempts. Don’t underestimate the determination of this nanna,’ she said.

Earlier it was reported Ms Nettleton had planned to travel to Turkey via Abu Dhabi before going to Syria.

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