Malaysia – Izwan’s threat to snatch daughter proves he is unfit parent

February 17, 2016


PETALING JAYA: The threat by Izwan Abdullah to kidnap his daughter proves his ineligibility to be his children’s guardian.


MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker said Izwan seems to be unrepentant about his intentions to break the law when he said that he will snatch his daughter away from S. Deepa despite legal custody being granted to her.

He pointed out that Izwan is threatening to break the law again, adding that he done so with his young son and was even rewarded with custody.

“I am dismayed that Izwan seems to be getting away despite being in contempt of violating a High Court order,” he said.

Ti added that instead of being reprimanded or punished, Izwan was rewarded with the custody of his young son whom he has abducted in contempt of a Court order.

“This itself has rendered Izwan unfit to bring up the child since he has no respect for the law,” he said.

Ti said Izwan and others like him should be reminded that they cannot play God, hide behind Islam or invoke the name of God to break the law.

He added that Izwan’s expressed intention to abduct his daughter from Deepa shows that Izwan has no qualms of breaking the law again.

It was reported that Izwan had insisted in an interview that his children Mithran, eight, and Sharmila, 11, be raised as Muslims otherwise he would snatch Nurul Nabila (Sharmila) away from her mother.

Ti said the rule of law must prevail and Izwan and others like him should not be allowed to rile the rule of law by hiding behind Islam.

Lawyer S. Kulasegaran, who represented Deepa, said nobody is above the law and if Izwan was dissatisfied with the decision he can always go to court again.

“The recent decision by the Federal Court has made the whole issue complicated and murky.

“Its the first time that a person who snatches a child has not been reprimanded, no action taken against him and the child has been given back to him,” he said.

Kulasegaran said this has given people like him the impression that its not wrong to snatch away kids and the courts will condone it,” he said.

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