Multiple charges pending for non-custodial father

January 16, 2016


A man arrested in Stone County after taking his 2-year-old son without permission from the boy’s grandmother is becoming an all-too familiar face to law enforcement in Crawford County.

In the last six months, Devin Glore, 24, of Bourbon, has been arrested by Bourbon police, Crawford County sheriff’s deputies and the Missouri Highway Patrol.


According to online court records, Glore was arrested by the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office July 25. Second-degree burglary charges were filed in that case Dec. 11. Second-degree burglary is a Class C felony.

On Oct. 18, Glore was arrested by Bourbon police and charged with domestic assault.

On Nov. 12, he was arrested by the Missouri Highway Patrol. Charges were filed Dec. 11, for unlawful use of a weapon (carrying a concealed weapon); and possession of a controlled substance. Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit is a Class D felony and the drug possession charge is a Class C felony.

A request for a change of venue was filed by his attorney Dec. 17 and bond was posted Dec. 18.

According to a probable cause statement filed by the Bourbon Police Department, custody of Glore’s son, Damian Glore, had been awarded to the child’s grandmother Jan. 7 by the Crawford County Circuit Court.

Court documents show that while visiting his mother at her home in Bourbon, Devin Glore was given permission to visit his son, but then took Damian without the custodial grandmother’s consent and fled.

Stone County deputies located the child safe at a residence in Stone County at approximately 2 p.m. Wednesday. Devin Glore and Laina Glore, the child’s mother, were arrested and charged with parental kidnapping, a Class D felony.

Devin Glore is scheduled to appear in Crawford County court Tuesday on three felony charges and again Thursday on another charge related to his 2015 arrests.

No hearing date has yet been scheduled on the kidnapping charges.

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