Brit policewoman’s baby at centre of international child welfare battle will remain in US for time being

January 16, 2016

Source: The Mirror

PC Louise Fielden, 42, had hoped her 14-month-old son Samuel would finally be returned to the UK following her arrest in New York in April.


The British policewoman’s baby at the centre of an international child welfare battle will remain in the US for the time being, it was revealed last night.

Metropolitan Police PC Louise Fielden had hoped her 14-month-old son Samuel would be returned to his homeland – even though it is unlikely she will be granted custody until UK social services have investigated.

The complicated case is playing out in three separate New York courts.

Single mother Ms Fielden has accused American authorities of “kidnapping” her baby and holding him “hostage”.

The East London-based officer was arrested at a Manhattan hotel in April and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest.

She was accused of abandoning the baby alone in their room and then leaving him on the lobby floor while she went into a kitchen to make breakfast.

The charges were dropped earlier this month but her son remains in foster care in New York, while she has returned to the UK.

Yesterday a Brooklyn Federal Court, where she is petitioning for the return of her child under the 1980 Hague Convention, was told that she had agreed to cooperate with the US and British authorities so that Samuel could return to his homeland.

But her lawyer Andrew Spinnell admitted that he had no idea how long the process would take because the case was unprecedented.

Afterwards he said that Ms Fielden’s cousin David Knowles, who lives in Bedfordshire and had originally agreed to care for the child, was “no longer in the picture”.

Mr Spinnell said: “The child will be placed with the appropriate services near her home in England, then a court there will decide.”

Asked how long it would take, he added: “I have no idea.

“I hope it isn’t months.”

In a separate legal action, Ms Fielden, 42, is suing of New York City, including the police and child welfare services, for £30 million.

She also objects to the foster mother caring for Samuel, claiming that Susan Sena is a leading light in a group called SWISH – Single Women in Support of Homos – and played “porn bingo” on her birthday with an X-rated male actor.

A third case is playing out in New York Family Court, where she has been accused of child neglect.

There will be a hearing on that next week.

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