Child Abduction Safety

January 6, 2016


Wichita A father mistaken for a predator after a woman calls police saying the man tried to lure children into his car.

Stranger Danger Child Kidnapping

The incident happened on north Robin.

KAKE News reached out to the family who learned it was a big misunderstanding. However, the family feels grateful the woman cared enough to let police know about something that may have seemed suspicious.

Brittany, who didn’t want to go on camera, laughs knowing someone mistook her husband for a possible child predator. She says if the report was true she would fear for her children’s safety, “someone possibly around this area trying to pick up kids that’s frightening as a parent.”

She says she’s taught her little ones to stay away from strangers, “to first off run as fast as you can in the opposite direction and to yell as loud as possible.”

Wichita Police Department says that’s a good idea but also suggest kids learn their parent’s names, phone numbers, address and even other emergency contact numbers.

It’s suggested to have ID photos taken about every six months. Also, to make sure dental and medical records are up to date.
It’s a good idea to also have your children fingerprinted.

Parental-Child-Abduction USA

They say avoid dressing kids in clothing with their names on it. Children tend to trust people who know their names.

Also, teach kids the importance of never accepting anything from strangers. If children should come in contact with a stranger they should report it to parents and police.

While this was just a big misunderstanding, Brittany is thankful someone took the time to report what could have been a serious crime. She said, “a lot of times people just drive on, they wouldn’t think anything of it. Even though it was nothing she took the time out of her day to make sure that those children were safe and those children were my children.”

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