Judge sympathizes but DJ/model Angie Vu will remain jailed in NYC for attempting to abduct daughter

December 8, 2015

Source: nydailynews.com

Sexiest Asian deejay Angie Vu brushed away tears Monday when a Brooklyn judge informed her that as much as he would like to spring her from prison to face parental abduction charges in France, his hands are tied under international law.


Model and DJ Angie Vu will have to remain at the Metropolitan Detention Center she has been at since she was arrested on abduction charges on Nov. 3.

Vu has been held at the Metropolitan Detention Center since Nov. 3, the day she was arrested at Kennedy Airport as she was about to get on a flight to Vietnam with her 9-year-old daughter Isabella. The biological father Richard Froger has legal custody of her and obtained an arrest warrant from a family court in Paris after Vu did not abide by their agreement to return the child.

The French authorities have 60 days to file court papers on whether they will proceed with a contempt of court case against Vu.

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“As much as it does seem to me that holding Miss Vu here is not the right thing to do…our duty is to deliver Miss Vu to French authorities,” said Brooklyn Magistrate Judge Viktor Pohorelsky. “I’m not happy about it.”

Federal prosecutor Ryan Harris has argued that Vu, a popular deejay and model in Asia who has also posed in Playboy and appeared on the show “America’s Got Talent,” is a risk to go on the lam if she is released on bail.

The Vietnamese bombshell looked haggard in the courtroom, clad in a baggy blue prison suit and a long-sleeve white thermal shirt.

Vu, 32, told The Daily News exclusively that her time in prison has been a “nightmare” and “terrifying,” but she is focused on being reunited with her daughter who she raised until the girl was seven.

“I just mind my business and be respectful to everybody, but the fear is there,” she told The News.

Angie Vu Ha Jail

Vu was attempting to board a plane to Vietnam with her 9-year-old daughter Isabella at the time of her arrest.

The smoking hot mama is being held in a dormitory with 100 female prisoners. “I believe in the judge and the fairness of the jury and the United States’ legal system,” she said.

“The fighter in me is keeping me strong, believing that I have done all the right things and everything’s gonna be alright.”

Defense lawyer Mia Eisner-Grynberg said her client already has custody of her daughter in Vietnam and intends to file for custody in her homeland.

The judge could only release Vu under a “special circumstance,” for example if she was terminally ill.

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