GPS Trackers for Children – Top 10 GPS Tracker for Kids Reviews 2015

September 10, 2015


Kid safety is a global concern, especially in today’s insecure society where kidnapping and child molestation cases are rampant worldwide.

GPR Tracker Children

If you have a bundle of joy and want to keep a watchful eye on him or her when at school or playing outside with friends, many GPS trackers for kids are now attainable online. When in use, these small technological gadgets connect to global satellites via GPS and relay their location via the internet, short message services (SMS), and connectivity features such as USB. If requested, they also map trails, the distance traveled, and the amount of times your kid spends at various locations. Such data can mean the difference finding your kid or not, in the unfortunate event that he or she is missing. The top 10 models in 2015 are:

10. FDL Mini GPS Receiver with Display Screen and Key-Chain

The mini GPS receiver with display screen and key chain by FDL ranks tenth on our review of the top 10 best GPS trackers for kids in 2015. It is compact and small. It is also easy to conceal and can function and as a perfect key chain for your child as he or her grows older. Feature wise, this one-of-a-kind GPS receiver has a powerful adapter that pings GPS satellites regularly and then records the latitude and longitude for identification purposes. It also has an accelerometer that records the distance and direction traveled and a built-in lithium ion battery that powers it for two weeks. You can then recharge the battery and use it again.

9. SourcingBay GPS302 GPS Tracker

SourcingBay ’s GPS302 is a small and kid-friendly GPS tracking device that is suitable for regular use. Many parents love it because of it portability, high safety rating, and responsive 2-way system of communication. It is also durable and has many functional features that will help you track your child’s movement at all times. Its Geo-fencing and real time tracking features, for instance, pings satellites periodically to determine the location of your child. Once it has logged GPS coordinates of its current location, if will notify you via a text message when he or she moves to another location. You no longer have not have to snoop around your kid or hire a friend, relative, or even detective, to keep tubs on his or her movement.

8. TBS Kids Wrist Watch with GPS Tracker

Are you looking for a functional watch for your son that doubles as a good GPS tracker? TBS kids’ wristwatch is one of the best designs in the market. It is a visually appealing watch phone. It also plays Mp3 files and has a real GPS system that tracks movement accurately. Like other GPS trackers, this watch connects to GPS satellites periodically and then maps coordinates of its location. When it detects a change of location, it sends a notification with a Google map to the parent or guardian’s number(s) saved in it for notification. If you have a smartphone, you can them review the map and notification to determine whether you kid is safe. Finally, via the watch’s one-way conversation monitor, you can even listen to your kid’s conversations remotely.

7. Real Time Live Mini Micro GPS Tracker

Real Time Live Mini Micro GPS Tracker

As its name suggests, mini micro GPS tracker is a small and functional gadget that can monitor your kid’s movements and or location in real time. Unlike many high-end models that require complex set up procedures and monthly subscription fees to work, it functions well off the box. You do not have install software, sign any contracts, or pay subscription fees. Its GPS system is powerful and accurate. It synchronizes periodic data that you can access using a computer, smartphone, or any other Internet-enabled device. Its rechargeable lithium ion battery is durable and powerful, while its memory can store data for one year.

6. Spy Spot TT8850 Real Time Mini GPS Tracker

SPY Spot GPS Tracker Children

The TT8850 Spy Bot mini GPS tracker by GPS Tracking Device is a regular in many top 10 GPS tracker for kids reviews 2015. On this list, its ranks sixth best because of the following reasons: first, if you are monitoring a small child who cannot wear a watch or carry a key holder to school, its small and concealable design can come in handy. Simply switch it on and place it in a zippered pocket on your child’s backpack to monitor movement. Its GPS software is well designed and powerful. Apart from synchronizing GPS coordinates and recording movement trails, it shares them via Email and SMS. It also monitors battery life.

5. Lentenda Mini Global Real Time GPS Tracker

Lentenda GPS Tracker Kids Children

In our review, the mini global real time GPS tracker by Lentenda ranks fifth for the following major reasons: 1)Ease of Use – this GPS tracker outperforms other brands in the market because of its relative ease of use. Simply open its back cover, install a SIM card, and then power it on. Once it boots, it will start track the movement of your kid automatically by recording GPS coordinates. 2) Sound control – this tracker has a sound control feature that you can use to monitor your kid’s surrounding. Sounds around 45 decibels (crying, etc.) will automatically trigger a phone call to your number.

4. SkyNanny GPS Child Tracker

SkyNanny GPS Child Tracker

Like many gadgets on this list, SkyNanny GPS child tracker is a durable and high performance gadget that can monitor the whereabouts of your child. When linked with the free SkyNanny app in Google Play Store, you can get detailed periodic alerts of your kid’s location and even directions to where he or she is from your location. Finally, if you do not want your child to wander past a given area, you can define a geographic boundary for the tracker and receive a notification when he or she crosses it

3. Child Tracker Watch with Locator

GPS Child Tracker Watch

While this tracker watch by Kid So Safe does not use GPS to map the location of the wearer, its advanced system is just as effective. When in use, its locator device can track its movement and thus, the location of your child in busy areas such as malls. The system can also monitor autistic children, hyperactive ones, and those with attention suppressing disorders such as ADD and ADHD. Because of its interesting colors, designs, and themes, kids love this watch, which is a plus for parents and guardians.

2. BayTracker BT-1000 Real Time GPS Tracking Device

BayTracker BT 1000 Real Time Tacking kids Children

The BayTracker BT-1000 is a SIM-based GPS tracking device for monitoring people, pets, and even motor vehicles. It is compact, durable, and uses an advanced tracking system for locating and sending coordinates to guardians. This non-subscription GPS tracker also has a built-in powerful microphone that relays sound data well.

1. Spy Tec Mini Portable GPS Tracker

Spy Tec Mini GPS Tracker Children Recommended

As per our review, the Spy Tec mini portable device is the best GPS tracker for kids in 2015. Although the proprietor charges a small monthly fee that cover administrative costs, it is fast, functional, and one of the most accurate trackers in 2015. Its lithium ion battery is powerful, while its internal memory stores historical data for a year.

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