Parental Abduction Arrest – Children Recovered Safe

April 19 , 2015


At 5:00 p.m. on April 6, Federal Law Enforcement Officers from the U.S. Department of Forest Service reportedly contacted three adults and two small children camping in the National Forest area near the community of Running Springs. During the contact, the female adult was identified as Carla Conyers, 37, one male, reported to be Conyer’s boyfriend, identified as Blake Self, 32, two young children, Aunum Conyers, 9, and Shawn Conyers, 6. The identity of the third adult was not released.


During the contact with the campers, the federal officers discovered that Carla Conyers was a reported fugitive from justice out of the State of Arizona and that the two children were reported victims of a parental abduction, reported missing from their legal guardian since November 13, 2014.

At about the same time that this information was being relayed to the officers, Conyers and Self allegedly grabbed the two children and reportedly ran off into the forest area carrying the children.

After conducting an unsuccessful search of the area for the four people, the federal officers requested the assistance of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department to aid in their search. Sheriff’s deputies form the Twin Peaks Station, K-9 officers from the Rancho Cucamonga Station and the Sheriff’s helicopter, 40-King, all responded to the Running Springs area to assist in the search efforts.

The search continued until late in the evening at which time a Sheriff’s deputy reportedly lost his footing and was injured when he fell down a rocky ravine. The deputy was assisted to a clear area and was hoisted up out of the ravine by Sheriff’s rescue helicopter and then transported to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Officials reported that, based on all the existing circumstances and conditions, the search was deemed too hazardous to continue in the increasing darkness and the search was suspended until the following morning.


On April 7, after the search resumed, the two suspects, and children, were reportedly located walking back towards their original campsite. Authorities reported that even though the children spent the night in the National Forest without any shelter in below freezing temperatures, they were in good spirits and uninjured.

A media release issued by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department reported that Conyers was arrested on and booked at the West Valley Detention Center in Etiwanda. This information could not be independently verified as jail records reveal no one by that name being booked in the county jail system. The Sheriff’s Department released no information regarding the disposition of Self and the county jails have no records of a person by that name being booked.

The two children, Aunum and Shawn Conyers were reportedly placed in the temporary custody of San Bernardino County Family and Children Services until their legal guardian can be determined.

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