Parental Kidnapping – Slovakian woman gets probation in child abduction case

October 21 , 2014


On Monday, Pfeifer, a former Los Angeles resident, was sentenced to three years of probation and ordered to pay restitution.

“The safety of the two sons that are at issue in this case was my primary concern,” prosecutor Deanne Castorena said.

Prosecutors says Pfeifer plead guilty to one felony count of custody deprivation. The sentence imposed Monday allows for Pfeifer, who is nine months pregnant, to travel out of the country.

“I think her departing the country will be the best thing all around for both the adult victims and the minor children involved in this case,” Castorena said.

Pfeifer’s attorneys say their client was pleased with Monday’s sentencing.

“For us, for the defense team, the big result was she’s not serving a day in jail on this case,” defense attorney Dmitry Gorin said.

In 2012, Pfeifer, 32, was allowed to take the boys on a 10-day trip to her native Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but never came back. She was arrested in France last December after violating custody orders that she return with her sons.

Eiffel Tower

She was accused of disguising her sons, then 4 and 10 years old, by trying to pass them off as girls.

Back in Los Angeles, the boys’ fathers teamed up to find their sons, and eventually reunited. Both boys are now with their fathers in Southern California.

“They are not seeking to punish or seek revenge or exact tit-for-tat upon Ms. Pfeifer. They just want to raise their sons in a secure environment without threat of further abduction,” Castorena said.

And while Pfeifer lost her parental rights to the two boys, she hopes to someday reconnect with them.

“Hopefully, at some point, both the fathers will agree that it’s in the best interest of the children to see their mother, and some kind of visitation can be arranged where she’s residing,” defense attorney Richard Hirsch said.

Pfeifer must also pay restitution to the two fathers, one of whom is Robert Pfeifer, a former music executive who served time in prison in connection to the racketeering case against Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano. Prosecutors say most of the undisclosed restitution has already been paid.

Pfeifer’s attorneys say that she plans to leave Los Angeles and return to her home in Switzerland sometime in the next several days.

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One thought on “Parental Kidnapping – Slovakian woman gets probation in child abduction case

  1. This is about as hypocritical as it gets and I say that as man who had his children abducted (to not from the United States). The fathers and prosecutors claim they were not seeking to punish the mother or get revenge, yet the mother was stripped of all parental rights and deported. If that isn’t vengeful and vindictive then I don’t know what is,but having dealt with the American courts as a foreigner,I know first hand that American logic only makes sense to Americans. Yes it took Interpol raiding the residence my children were being kept at in the middle of the night and forcibly putting mother and children on a plane back to Europe to get my children back to their country of habitual residence, BUT once they were brought back,I was not allowed to just take them away from their mother and tell her to scram. Although she had shown herself capable like this woman of fleeing to her homeland with the children given the chance,courts still recognized and respected that she was the children’s mother with inalienable rights. I was told alright you can keep the children here until their majority, IF you make an earnest effort to do everything possible to keep the mother involved.With her and the children under a travel freeze by Interpol, it wasn’t like my ex was going anywhere else. We ended up coparenting with our children residing in my home and her seeing them daily by taking them to and from school, appointments, eating supper,and spending the evening with them until bedtime. It would have been far better for these two young boys if the mother had been sentenced to jail and allowed, as supervised as was necessary, to remain in the United States. Now these two boys continue to be essentially in the same situation they were in while outside of the United States, denied the love and presence of one of their parents.

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