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September 26, 2013

You can make your home or your business a whole lot more secure for little to no money. That’s because most of the best home protection simply involves smart thinking and good habits.

The days of leaving doors unlocked are over. Thanks to 2 million annual burglaries in the United States, the FBI estimates there is one every 15 seconds. To add insult to injury, the average thief nets nearly $1,500 in valuables per robbery.

Home Security Spain

With burglaries on the rise, intruders aren’t getting more elaborate — we’re getting sloppy with protecting our homes. Ninety percent of break-ins are preventable since intruders often prey on our mistakes instead of using forced entry.

Here’s how to protect your home to minimize your burglary odds and stay safe. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be addressing how to protect homes and not apartments, but some of our tips will apply to both.

Step No 1: replace your front door with one that doesn’t have a letter box. Burglars look through letter boxes, and put devices through them, including extendable fishing rods, with which they steal your keys as they hang in the hallway. It’s a no brainer, ditch the letter box. Replace it with a steel core security door.


Step No 2: fit a burglar alarm. The cost of these need not be prohibitive and they are a valuable deterrent. When you go to bed at night you can activate the zones that you don’t sleep in, meaning the ground floor of your home can be alarmed while you sleep soundly upstairs. The same principle can apply whether you live in a flat or a mansion.

Step No 3: fit CCTV to your home. Modern systems can be relatively inexpensive and look a whole lot better than the ugly earlier versions. The monitor can go in a garage, a loft or a cupboard and few burglars will want to be captured onscreen. Should your home be targeted, the police can be provided with valuable evidence.

CCTV Surveillance System

The new fog alarms on the market is also very effective to protect you in your home or business.

Flash Fog:

Step No 4 (optional): get a dog. I don’t have one, but I know what a brilliant deterrent a loyal and loud dog can be.

And now for the obvious: close your windows and doors at night and when you go out. Fit security locks if need be. Follow these steps and the chances are you will never have to face the dilemma of what to do when a burglar breaks in. Sacrifice a holiday to pay for your security. We all have a responsibility to protect ourselves, our families and our possessions. Don’t let the thieves win, and don’t come crying to me if you ignore my advice and become a victim.

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