International Parental Child Abduction – Stephen Watkins Story – CAN YOU HELP?

September 2, 2013

Source: Stephen Watkins (Left Behind Father)


Please post some comments below – I am seriously thinking of riding my bike from Toronto to Ottawa to raise funds and deliver our first Law Resolution proposal from up to 8 law proposals.

Stephen Watkins

I am doing this to help raise funds for the enormous legal costs associated with Parental Child Abductions which there is NO financial assistance provided to families by the Canadian government and to help bring my two sons, Alexander and Christopher Watkins, home who were internationally abducted to Poland in 2009.

This is a big thing for me to accomplish as I am a big guy and not exactly fit. Its not the sort of thing you would expect of a parent who is fighting to return home their abducted children. Poland may have broken up to 5 International treaties between Canada in not returning my Canadian sons and our Canadian government is doing nothing about it to enforce the treaties against other countries that have signed but that are not following the international treaties and conventions.


It feels like the Canadian government believes that its the responsibility its own Canadian citizens to uphold our international agreements that our own previous Canadian governments have signed throughout the years. It feels that it is left upon the shoulders of a regular Canadian parent to take other countries to courts themselves to prove that other countries are in breach of not following international treaties and conventions rather then the Canadian government’s responsibility to get involved themselves and enforce our agreements to bring home our abducted children.

I plan to take the country of Poland to the EU courts to show evidence that the Polish justice system failed to follow up to 5 international treaties and conventions to get and “Order for Return” of my two abducted sons who are “Wards” of the country of Poland as the Polish Courts have removed the parental rights of the abducting mother due to child protection concerns prior to notifying Canadian authorities of the boys location.

Canada’s Foreign Affairs have communicated that abducted Canadian children have never been “Wards” of another country after an International Kidnapping. The abducting mother is on Canada’s RCMP Most Wanted list and the Canadian government has issued a world-wide Interpol “Red Notice” for her arrest. After two-and-a-half years, the Canadian Criminal courts have ruled a GUILTY verdict for the abducting mother and her father, the children’s grandfather living in Canada, was sentenced by the Canadian Courts.

This has set precedence here in Canada. Intentional Child Abductions affects so many families in Canada. A group of affected parents and myself are working together in a group formed called the iCHAPEAU Association working towards creating Canada’s iCHAPEAU Act. I have NO idea how I can accomplish this bike journey so I am learning from other events posted online, such as “The Ontario Ride to Conquer Cancer”, who have incorporated biking in their causes. Hoping to make connections with others online who know how to train, plan such a bike journey and help in this fundraising event. If you can help, contact me through the iCHAPEAU either online or on Facebook. Thanks!

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