We Can Recover Abducted Children From Any Country in The World

July 14 , 2013

“After all my years of experience as Worldwide Medical Director for the worlds largest medical assistance company, I found only ABP World Group capable of providing the unique service of non-violent recovery of  an abducted child.

It is very difficult to find a company like ABP World Group that can provide the experience, honesty, integrity, and assets to actually recover an abducted child safely and at a reasonable cost. I hold ABP World in highest regard and recommend them whole heartedly. The world is simply a better place because of the work they do”. 
ABP World Group 4
From A Child Recovery Operation in Spain – Documented by the Norwegian TV2
Martin Waage, the Managing Director of the internationally recognized security firm ABP World Group, and head of the firm’s international child abduction recovery division is warning parents all over the world that the holiday Season is considered one of the highest periods for international parental child abduction, and that parents, particularly those who are in volatile multi-cultural relationships and who feel the other parent may have intent to illegally leave the country with the children of their relationship must take extra precautions in order to protect their children’s safety.

ABP World Group knows that some countries are seen as Safe Havens for child abductors mainly because of the legal system, but also the fact that to recover a child from many of these countries has been close to impossible. This often combined with a too high risk for all the involved.

If ABP World Group finds the risk extremely high and that launching an operation will lead to personal danger or damages, our personnel will stand down. Instead ABP World Group is ready to start a negotiation process immediately and without any bureaucracy delay. This is most important because time is critical when it comes to any child abduction.


ABP World Group`s Martin Waage on Russian Channel One about International Parental Child Abduction ( IPCA)

ABP World Groups specialists in the new task force, have formed more than 12 years of experience from IPCA cases in mind. The operators in the task force are the best of the best- Team leaders from many different countries Special Forces units, and are trained to do whatever it takes, wherever it takes, whenever it takes. This means that recovery operations in countries like Japan, Philippines, Middle East and North Africa etc. will be done with a great aspect of safety and success.

ABP World Group will under these operations, use any necessary means and type of logistics solutions ,to be sure that no criminal child abductor should never again feel safe- or out of reach from our justice.

Linked article to ABP World Groups latest child recovery from Japan: Norwegian Child EXTRACTED from Japan thanks to quick work by ABP World Group with assistance from The Japan Childrens Rights Network. 

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