Father from US wins custody of child abducted by Japanese mother in Osaka high court

June 16, 2012

Source: The Japan Daily Press

Imagine the plight of an abducted child…abducted by their own parent. For reasons best known to them, couples of failed marriages, and who belong to different nationalities, prefer to kidnap their child to their home country, rather than going through the legal channels for custody. The latest news in this event is the case of a Nicaraguan national living in the US and his estranged Japanese wife, who fled to Japan with their 9-year-old daughter.

The marriage didn’t work out so the 44-year-old mother, thought it better to bring back her daughter to Japan, in spite of the husband being granted custody in a U.S. suit over the couple’s divorce. To make matters worse, the U.S. authorities arrested the Japanese mother in April last year, when she hopped over to Hawaii to renew her green card. She was later released after she surrendered her rights over her daughter.

Apparently the mother sought justice through the Itami branch of the Kobe Family Court in March last year. They ended up granting her custody, but the Osaka High Court has overturned the ruling, stating the girl is accustomed to her life in the US and keeping that it in mind, she must continue to live with the father. The bottom line is, that although Japan has agreed to consider the Hague Treaty, things will not be in favor of the abducted children until Japan avails the facilities of the treaty. Till then, the poor children bear the brunt of their parent’s silly actions.

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