FBI: Amarillo man kidnapped daughter, left her in Algeria

Source: amarillo.com

The child custody case of an Amarillo woman and her Algerian ex-husband has led federal authorities on an international hunt to track down the couple’s child, according to federal court records.

Federal authorities arrested Badr Djelti, 35, on May 5 on one count of parental kidnapping. According to federal immigration officials, Djelti was born in Algeria and is legally residing in the U.S. as a permanent resident alien.

After nearly a year of marriage, Crystal Armstrong and the defendant separated in August 2010, two months after Armstrong gave birth to the couple’s daughter, the affidavit said. The family traveled to Algeria in December 2010, “in hopes that Armstrong and (Djelti) could mend their marriage, but it did not work out and they remained separated after they returned to the United States,” the document said.

A year later, Armstrong allowed Djelti to take their child to Algeria again to visit Djelti’s parents.

“Armstrong felt that even though they were separated, she wanted (the child) to continue to spend time with (Djelti) and his side of the family,” the affidavit said.

Armstrong, who worried Djelti would not bring the child back, made her ex-husband sign a document promising he would. But the day Djelti was supposed to get the agreement notarized, he picked up the child from a day care facility in Amarillo.

The mother called the police after she confronted Djelti at his apartment, where he was with the child. Amarillo authorities told Armstrong they could not help her because there was no effective court order regarding custody at the time, a federal affidavit said.

On Dec. 13, Djelti left the United States with the child and returned about a month later without her.

“(Djelti) told Armstrong that he left (the child) in the care of his parents in Algeria,” the affidvait said.

A Potter County judge in April ordered Djelti to return the child to the U.S. later that month, but Djelti received an extension to finish his exams at Amarillo College. The parties agreed to give Djelti until May 13 to travel to Algeria and bring the child back, federal records show.

He is expected to return on May 29, according to flight records he provided the court. But Armstrong told her attorney that one of Djelti’s coworkers said he did not intend to return to the U.S. once he left.

Djelti is currently in federal custody at the Randall County jail. If convicted, Djelti faces a maximum prison sentence of three years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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5 thoughts on “FBI: Amarillo man kidnapped daughter, left her in Algeria

  1. The child is with her grandparents in Algeria. I am sure she is safe and not in any danger. By the way update the 1800’s picture of Algeria. Algeria is very modern now and no way looks like that picture.

    • Very good Mariem, i think the same way!, nour is very happy with her fathers side of the fam, thy need to dig a little deeper & check the court records on the mother,

  2. “I am sure she is safe and not in any danger.” That isn’t really the point is it. What gives one parent the right to remove a child from the other without due process. What gives one person the right to so fundanmentally destroy another than to remove their own flesh and blood from their care. That is the point. It is SO arrogant. Of course ma3lich, take the child from their mother. Of COURSE that is in their best interests. No one is a perfect parent and mud slinging is such a pathetically typical reaction to a woman who is undoubtedly bereft. Unless they are in danger, small children need their mothers, this is clearly a natural normal and typical state of affairs. Fin.

    The picture is of course completely out of date (is it even Algeria?) by all means they should but up a new one of Algiers – a tired, half built, traffic gridlocked, post war place. Bab Ezouar is quite modern, but not compared to the rest of the developed world. ANyway I didn’t want to get into the pros and cons of Algeria. I am so furious at the “so long as the child isn’t being harmed” argument, as if the best thing that children have to hope for is not to be harmed. That is a pretty low standard, what about happiness, the comfort of your mother (Fatima and Meriem, you must have mothers, surely you love them more than anyone in the world), a country equipped with baby change facilities, child centres, playgroups, decent parks that are safe for all, internationally recoginised education, do these things not matter? God forbid one of your children gets taken or you are told you can’t contact your mother one day.

  3. just an update, my little girl was returned in July thanks to our wonderful FBI and all their hard work and dedication. Her bio father, the one who took her, has been given limited rights by the courts, and in the 4 1/2 months since she has been home he has yet to act on those rights. He has not seen her once, though he is legally allowed to. So this goes to show he does not actually care about her, he just wanted to inflict pain, which is what he is good at. Thank you Leila for your kind words and insight. And to Fatima, if he is back living with you, good luck with that. You do remember how it turned out the last time, don’t you? Do you really think this time is going to be any different/ But if he is there, I will give you one little bit of advice. Take every bit of money he earns and save it up. Cause when his visa expires in 3 years he won’t be able to get it renewed and will be shipped right back to his stinkhole of a country and you’ll be left broke and alone. again.

    • For your information crystal, badr is not liveing w/ me! i know who he is liveing with, & yes we do still talk. & why dont u leave me alone?! i never did any thing to you, you was the one sleeping with my husband! you just had to have him, & look where it got u!!

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