Ireland: Department handled up to 200 child abduction cases

Source: Irishtimes

INTERNATIONAL PARENTAL child abduction cases involving almost 200 children were dealt with by the Department of Justice last year.

The department’s central authority for child abduction received 142 new applications last year, some involving more than one child.

This is the highest level of new cases since the authority was established almost 20 years ago and is two more cases than 2010.

Almost two-thirds (89) of the new cases concerned children being taken from the State to other countries.

Over two-thirds of these cases involved children taken from the State to the UK; 39 to England and Wales; 12 to Scotland; and 10 to Northern Ireland.

Eastern European countries accounted for more than a tenth of outgoing cases, most of these to Poland.

Children being taken to the State from the UK accounted for half of incoming abductions while Eastern European countries accounted for almost a third.

There were also 119 ongoing cases from previous years being dealt with by the department bringing the total to 261 applications.

Half of the incoming and outgoing abduction cases being dealt with were awaiting resolution.

Most of the cases were being dealt with under the Hague Convention with some under EU laws on child abduction.

The convention facilitates the return of children taken from one state to another against the wishes of a parent with custody rights.

Minister for Justice urged parents to take all steps to resolve differences. “Parental child abduction remains a constant problem. When family conflict occurs, it is important that estranged parents and spouses exhaust all their options to resolve differences and reach agreement in the best interests of the children involved,” he said.

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18 thoughts on “Ireland: Department handled up to 200 child abduction cases

  1. I would want further statistics on who was abducting these children. Not that there is any justification to abduction except to get the children safe from unsafe circumstances after all other remedies have been extinguished. But I know the bigotry of this countries politics that allow the mothers to abuse the children knowingly and dont think its the Mothers taking the children because they are better off there than anywhere because of the male bigotry held by the family courts there.

  2. the insanity is the number of abductions total to the population of the country, 200 child abductions out of 4.6 million people? Japan has 127 million and has 321 child abductions .The world is puting Japan in the limelight for this and is considered an outrage, but still is not a Hague signatory country…When you look at this , it makes you wonder what in the world is going on with this country to have so many abductions in and out of … we have cities here in the US that compare in population to Ireland and if this number was to be found in them it would be called an epedimic!!!!! Ireland needs to take a deep look at their system when it concerns their childrens welfare and ask why this is happening .

  3. could you cite that statistic please. That is not what i found. not per year. but lord knows i have been wrong before
    and if that is true , Ireland still beats them per capita. at Irelands rate of 200 per 4.6 mill ,to Japans 127 mill , ( and thats going low on Japans Pop.) Ireland would be at 5521 abductions a year at the same population , almost doubling.

      • its still a shame Martin. What upsets me is that Ireland is supposedly one of the first signatory countries to the Hague and with these epidemic proportioned numbers they are not in the limelight? Is noone questioning why? 4.6 million people with 200 childabductions? Its insanity.

      • Yes it`s insane Gary. And it will become much worse the coming years, Not only in Ireland, but all over. The politicians do nothing. This is why I always recommend the parents to avoid long lasting legal battles, cause it will only drain them for money and take then nowhere.

      • i BACK YOU 100% Martin , I back what you stand for , i wished i would have taken your advice when you offered it. what happens when your virgin meat . lol

    • Got this back from Eric Kalmus who runs The Japan Childrens Rights Network: reality or what “they” say? Both: they say there are 310 cases with 370 children currently
      I would say all cases in japan – 2500

  4. This is most recent statistic, sorry but this is only statistic i could find concerning , US children to Japan.This Martin shows what i was talking about ,Ireland is beyond epedimic proportions when you even compare them to Japan who is the limelight Leader.


    The Office of Children’s Issues depends on proactive reporting of international parental child abduction cases. Our statistics reflect only what has been reported to our office.

    The following statistics are current as of January 7, 2011.

    Since 1994, the Office of Children’s Issues has opened 230 cases involving 321 children abducted to or wrongfully retained in Japan.
    The Office of Children’s Issues has 100 active cases involving 140 children.
    The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo reports an additional 31 cases in which both parents and the child(ren) reside in Japan but one parent has been denied access to the child(ren).

    The Office of Children’s Issues has no record of cases that have been resolved successfully through favorable Japanese court orders. Successful returns from Japan have occurred through voluntary measures or agreements between the parents. The Office of Children’s Issues maintains permanent records of all reported cases. ( )

  5. The issue is not the number of abductions by individuals, but the way a government handles it. Ireland returns children to other countries under the Hague Convention. Japan, however, has NEVER returned a single child to any foreign country after a child is abducted to Japan, making Japan a Black Hole from which no child has ever returned.

    • I would like to see the statistics of how many ACTUALLY have been returned by Ireland , I have yet to see that statistic, and the names of the returned children. I believe none or very few. In fact , I have not found any article stating the return of any children from this small Island . Just because your a signatory country doesnt mean you are returning them.

  6. and sorry Tony , the number of children abducted should be an issue if the Government is supporting abductors as this country does. And when your numbers more than double that of Japan , a country that is known for not being a Hague Signatory country, should bring awareness as to why, esspecially when their courts were one of the first to hold Hague Hearings in respect to Parentally Abducted Children.

  7. this is the only statistics i could find about Irelands abduction rates and returns , and if you go to this site you will realise as in every article , it does not include the numbers of children returned by Ireland. This you would think would raise questions.

    In 15 of the 116 outgoing cases last year, foreign courts ordered the return of the children.

    In six cases, the foreign court refused the return of the child and in nine cases the children were returned voluntarily or by agreement.
    MORE than one child a week was abducted from Ireland last year.
    One a week !!!!!!!! how can this not be an issue?????????????????????????

  8. What makes sense to me is the children being abducted from there are probably the ones they refused to return under Hague guidelines that they blatantly ignore even when the children are in their homeless shelters because of battery and drug use by the abductors during Hague trials.

  9. and when you couple the fact that 62 abductions in and 73 out of Ireland when the numbers are a child a week being abducted , what a revolving door this country seems to be .

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