What triggers the international parental abductions?

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Abdutor Motives and Popular Assumption Regarding Family Abduction.

Through out my story I have came across many different people from which I sought the help or they were designated to my case. I’d like to thank you the high level experts and their commitment to the preventing abduction. However I faced also some front line “specialists” who meant to be trained in such cases to support effectively however they seemed to be rather sharing the below assumption.

A lot of people are convinced that a child is not in danger if the child has been abducted by a family member.

That is incorrect assumption which results in taking the problem too easy and risking the child’s safety.

Vast majority of parental abductions are not based on motive of love to a child.

Parental Kidnapping is closely associated with the Divorce. During separation the parents battles over child custody is a common place.
Child abduction can take place at any time: during, after, or even before divorce. For example there are known cases where one parent took the child to his/her home country for vacation never to return. Once far away these parents proceeded to file for divorce.

The fury and vengeance towards the other parent are reasons for most parental abductions.

The experts list the following motives for the parental kidnapping:

  • To force an agreement or carry on the contact between themselves and the left-behind parent
  • To get revenge or punish the other parent
  • Fear of losing custody or contacts rights
  • Frustration and allienation by the legislation with the custody order or other court proceedings
  • Rarely, to keep safe the kid from a parent who is perceived to molest, abuse or neglect the child
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2 thoughts on “What triggers the international parental abductions?

  1. There are additional reasons why a parent may abduct a child, none of them of merit. They include:

    1. To implement a financial scheme after their initial separation/divorce whereas the abductor will attempt to gain additional money/assets from their target and use the child and the abduction as leverage; and,
    2. To rationalize a previous wrongful act by another wrongful act, thus fabricating a toxic world in order to justify their own previous bad behavior; and,
    3. A learned behavior that seeks ‘flight’ over ‘resolution’ when differences occur in a relationship, as they do in most every relationship; and,
    4. To fulfill an innate sociopathic form of aggressive behavior toward their target, not simply for revenge or to punish for the sake of revenge or punishing, but for the direct purpose of aggression itself.
    5. To create a false sense of threat in the household in order to have the victimized child of the planned abductor manipulated in order that the child will act with greater affection toward the would-be abductor.

    Any way you look at it, any way you slice it, dice it, cook it, fry it … international parental child abduction is a severe crime against a child that puts the child’s life in physical risk while causing both short and long-term hardships for the child. Abductors generally demonstrate sociopathic behavior and believe they will not be help accountable. During court procedures abductors will always lie to the court in order to have their criminal act of kidnapping sanctioned under Article 13 of the Hague Convention, or under ‘best interest of the child’ laws in foreign countries that may not be member signatories of the Convention. Perjury and contempt commonly exist at significant levels in part due to the failure of courts to uphold the rules of the court and cite an abductor when they lie or fail to obey court orders. If the courts simply follow the laws available to them, abduction would be dramatically reduced. If common sense was to be implemented, more laws would be passed to prevent abduction.

    What is needed in reality is a network that mobilizes attorneys against abduction. We can pass as many laws as we want on abduction prevention; however, as history has learned, abduction laws not carried out or implemented help create a bigger problem because abductors realize they are above the law. They are not. It is up to the legal community, in part, to educate and hold accountable judges so that they will act to uphold the rules of the court and the rules of law, which include prevention of a child’s abduction.

    Peter Thomas Senese

  2. very good post. Would say this is an area where “all of the above” would be an appropriate choice. In the realm of international child abduction it is common knowledge that all abductors rely on the same standard operating procedure: lying, falsifying claims, putting children at risk, and generally demonstrating psychological instability and severe personality disorders.
    What is shocking is how incredibly ignorant the legal systems and media tend to be in the local environments in which abductors relocate, ignoring all the warning signs and often taking the abducting parent at their word until it is too late and severe harm has already been done.

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