Parental Abduction News: Fox Point Dad Gets Daughter Back From Japan In Time For Christmas

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Source: WISN.COM

Karina Garcia Arrived In United States Friday Morning

MILWAUKEE — A 9-year-old girl is back with her father in Milwaukee following an international custody battle between an American parent and the Japanese government. It was a battle that many other American parents have never won.

Karina Garcia arrived from Japan Friday morning after her Fox Point father fought for nearly four years to regain custody. She was taken four years ago by her mother and held in Japan.

Karina’s dad talked to 12 News as they were on their way home from the Chicago airport heading to Fox Point.

“She’s nervous in the beginning. She told me she was overwhelmed from the, so many people around. But now, with me and my sister, she is actually sleeping. So she’s doing OK,” Dr. Moises Garcia said.

A Milwaukee judge ruled in November that Garcia’s Japanese ex-wife, Emiko Inoue, would remain jailed until their daughter was returned to Wisconsin. On Friday, Inoue was set free from a Milwaukee jail.

“For me, it’s going to be just about building the relationship again, and trying to be her friend and her dad at the same time,” Moises Garcia said. “It’s important that she has choices, and it’s important that she start building trust. And I told her that she’s going to see her parents, her grandparents and her mom in the future, hopefully very soon.”

Moises Garcia called it a miracle having his little girl home for Christmas, and he’s hoping the Japanese government realizes all children deserve two parents.

“Hopefully, children that still have no access to their parents over there will have them. And I think that will be my New Year’s resolution for now, but this is a big gift from God,” he said.

Karina’s dad said she is already asking about when school starts and wants to play with neighborhood friends.

Karina’s mother has agreed to stay in the United States for three years as part of the court decision.

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