Poland – The Black Hole of Child Abduction

The Stephen Watkins case is just one of many IPCA cases in Poland, where the polish courts rule in the criminal abductors favor. Poland protects their own,and doesn’t respect international laws or the Hague convention. A legal process in Poland is a total waste of time and money. – Martin Waage, ABP World Group

Source: Digital Journal

Polish judge rules that Watkins boys to remain with their mother

A judge in Poland is defying arrest warrants from Canada allowing a mother who is accused of parental abduction to retain custody of her two sons, Christopher and Alexander Watkins.

Earlier this month it was reported that Toronto born Christopher and Alexander Watkins had been found in Poland. Their father Stephen Watkins was on hand to finally see his two young sons after two and a half years.

In Canada a warrant had already been issued for the capture of Edyta (Ustaszewski) Watkins. She is also featured on RCMP’s Canada’s Most Wanted list after leaving Canada for the United States with Christopher and Nicholas. It is alleged she used a suspended passport to travel into Europe disappearing until this year.

On Thursday a Polish judge recommended that the boys remain in Poland with their mother. The court also recommends that the mother’s parental authority be limited and that a Court Guardian be appointed to the boys.

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5 thoughts on “Poland – The Black Hole of Child Abduction

  1. With the huge amount of Polish eco-migrants now residing in England, this is an ‘Early warning’ to anyone thinking about getting into a relationship with a Pole! It seems almost inevitable that in the not too distant future, many more children will be snatched away from their mother or father by a selfish abducting parent to a seemingly ‘safe harbour’ in Poland. This unjust and racial trend has to be STAMPED OUT NOW!!!

    • Ken
      I totally agree with you. We receive more and more e-mail and calls from left behind parents who got their children abducted to Poland – And as you say, it will be worse – much worse.

      Merry Christmas Ken.

      Martin Waage
      ABP World Group

    • Sue

      I think we all know that. The reason for the coming explosion in numbers of abductions to Poland is simple: A lot of polish people did travel to western Europe for work, and when we now faces an economical disaster in Europe, many of the polish workers return back to Poland.

      It`s a natural consequence. This do not say that the polish are any worse than people from other nations.


  2. The Polish women are the leaders in International Child Abduction and Polish Judges are criminal who are using the Hague Convention to legalize kidnapping and abduction.

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