300 Parental Child Abduction Cases in Canada Annually

( Comment: “According to variuos government and non-government stakeholders, there could be as many as 750 child victimized by parental abduciton in Canada – a number that appears to be growing at 20% per year. (the acutal reported cases is under 300), does not make reference to the ‘unreported’ abductions, which, due to Canada’s heavy migratory immigration population is forecasted to be between 100-200% the reported number. Thus a real number of 500-750 with a growth rate of 20% is a more statistically accurate citing. – Peter Thomas Senese )

As many as 3 hundred missing children are victims of a parental abduction each year in Canada.

The President of Child Find Saskatchewan says when parents abduct their children it could be considered a form of child abuse.

That’s because, Phyllis Hallatt says there’s a huge emotional cost to the child who be have to live in isolation, wear disguises, in some cases be constantly on the move, and who is deprived of knowing family members.

Hallatt says family and friends, who help with an abduction should face charges along with the abductor, but she’s not sure how often that actually happens.

Hallatt was making the comments after police picked up a 54 year old woman in Victoria last week and charged her with abducting her baby daughter 18 years ago in Toronto.

Police are considering laying charges against family or friends who may have helped the woman over the years.

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