FBI – New tool to help find missing kids – iPhone app

FBI-iPhone app helps parents of missing children

No parent wants to think about their child getting lost.. or being kidnapped. but the fbi wants parents to give it some thought … and it’s come up with an “app” that could help if their kids are ever abducted. cristina rodda got a good look at the new iphone app and joins us with how it works. cristina? the application is free — but the ability to help authorities find your missing child with just a few taps on your i-phone– is priceless. it’s called the child id app and it’s brand new to the i-phone this week. “it provides parents an easy way to electronically store their child’s photos, information so that it’s readily available for law enforcement if by some chance your child turns out missing.” the FBI says that every 40 seconds a child disappears in the united states. with this app — parents can upload their children’s picture and vital information… in the case where a child disappears… the information can be instantly sent to law enforcement agencies …including the fbi. here in albuquerque– the FBI plays a major role in all child abductions. “this information is not available to the FBI until it’s sent to law enforcement so as long as parents have it on their i-phone it stays there it is not accessible by the fbi.” the app also includes tips on keeping kids safe — and a checklist on what to do the first 24 hours after a child disappears… right now the free child i-d app is only available for i-phones…but the fbi is working on expanding it to other mobile networks.

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