Mother, grandparents indicted on charges of kidnapping Pompano Beach toddler to Middle East

Source: Sun Sentinel

The federal government has indicted the mother and grandparents on a charge of international parental kidnapping of Pompano Beach toddler Gabrielle “Gabby” Dahm in August 2010. The child’s father says she was taken to the Middle East.

An Interpol alert has also been issued for the three adults and child.

Christopher Dahm has sought the return of his daughter, who will turn 3 on Dec. 28, from his ex-wife Leslie Delbecq since the child’s disappearance last summer. Dahm was awarded sole custody of Gabby by a Broward judge in October.

According to the indictment, on June 21 a grand jury charged that Delbecq, 30; her mother, Jeanine De Riddere, 56; and her father, Philippe Delbecq, 60, took Gabby from this country in violation of U.S. law.

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One thought on “Mother, grandparents indicted on charges of kidnapping Pompano Beach toddler to Middle East

  1. I think the mother did the right thing. I hope that she gets away with this. I am
    a Belgium national living in the USA. Child custody laws have noting to do
    with children’s rights only parental rights. As far as I am concerned the American father is legally the only victim and there is noting he can do to prove or disprove other wise. This is because man consider their children as cattle/personal property until age 18 and are only concerned about their parental rights. The fact that his daughter and the mother has Belgium passports make it more difficult for the American father. This is because the US Government can not revoke a Belgium passport and there for they are less likely to deport/extradite them from other countries.

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