Norwegian (18) shot and killed in the Philippines

A Norwegian 18-year-old was Sunday morning shot and killed in Quezon City, Philippines.

the 18-year-old was on holiday in the area when he was shot.
We were told about it last night, Norwegian time, confirms Frode Andersen,Duty press at the Foreign Ministry, told VG Nett.

He will not say anything about the motive for the killing, but several friends said that the deceased must have been trying to avert a fight.
Andersen says the killing is being investigated by the Philippine police.
The young man’s bereaved family should be notified.

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8 thoughts on “Norwegian (18) shot and killed in the Philippines

  1. why other Filipino people destroying our image to the foreign country..that’s why foreigners afraid to visit Philippine it’s because of fear.they thought now that Philippines is a dangerous country to visit :((

  2. he was killed by a policeman. a body guard of a Chinese national. the police man is now under custody on the police in QCPD station 10.

  3. Off duty LEO should not even carry let alone bring their firearm with them in public places, they should be governed by the same rule they impose to civilians when their off duty, why is it that whenever a foriegner is killed cops are involved?
    @ Lulu_ale: Don’t hate the gun hate the person who fired it.

  4. I agree with jonny midnight, dont hate guns but hate the person who fired it. I think Philippine government should impose a system regarding owning a gun. Not only for those who are capable but also even those civilian people who had guns. This is a shame to the country and to all Filipinos living abroad like me. I feel pity to the victim and the family.

  5. LIFE is fragile ,money is life-Scams galore everywhere . Don’t Flash your Cash or Jewelery.
    I have lived in the Philippines for 2.5 years. In Cebu and then Angele’s City. Second day i moved into my Apartment i woke up and a little Brown person had a Pry Bar trying to break into my Apartment. I had no Baseball Bat or defense, He was just about to pop the Door and i closed my Fist and Hit the Door 2 times as hard as i could ,the Thief Fled. I heard the Dogs in the Neighbor Hood bark as he ran down the street. I went to Hardware Store the Next Day and bought Electrical Wire and a switch and made a 220 shocking experience if the Little Brown Person returned. That’s why you live in Gated Community in the Philippines or Pension House Hotels. Security is a MUST !

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