At least 91 killed in shootings and bomb blast in Norway

(VG Nett) At least 84 people are killed in a massacre at a youth camp only hours after a deadly bomb blast in central Oslo.

Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, 32, has been arrested after the two attacks.

He is said to be linked with right-wing political activists but the motive for the two attacks is still unknown.

Late Friday night Special Forces raided Breiviks apartment in Oslo. The 32-year-old man will be questioned by the police Saturday.

Youth camp

The first reports of the massacre on Utøya, an island outside of Oslo, came around 18.25 PM Friday.

According to a witness the gunman identified himself as a police officer offering help, before he opened fire and started killing people.

Almost 700 young members of the Labour Party were at the island for an annual youth camp.

It took a while for the police to realise the full extent of the massacre. At a press conference Saturday morning confirm that at least 84 people are killed in the shootings at the island.

Some of the youth tried to swim to safety to escape the gunman.
The death toll is may rise even more as rescue workers search the water around the island.

Yesterday police said they also found explosives in a car on the island.


The shootings on Utøya came only hours after a bomb exploded outside a government building in central Oslo at 3.26 PM Friday.

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